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Field Report: 8 days in Cancun

mASF post by sirbubba

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Field Report: 8 days in Cancun
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mASF post by "sirbubba"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2004

Whats up. This is my first official post to the list.

Went on a little trip to Cancun with my boys, Jason aka Jacas (from DC
and NC lairs) and Mike aka Vegas (from DC lair). Arrived in Cancun
last Saturday and stayed 8 days coming back this past Sunday.

A Little Background:
I have only been in the game for a little under 2 months. For the
prev 3 years before that, my mind was clouded by a LTR going bad.
When that ended, I decided to refocus.

Trip Synopsis:
(this is mostly from my point of view, since I could not account
for Vegas or Jacas the entire time)

Jacas told me he was coordinating a Cancun trip in August. I could
not refuse, based on my past breakup. Figured I could use all the
advice/help/guidance I could get from Jacas and Vegas, since they have
been in the game longer than I have.

(Trip Highlights)

Saturday 8/14:
- Arrive in Cancun. Humidity 110%. Locate Salvia Condos.
Sweet spot right in the middle of the action.
- Sarge DadyO/Rock
- Sets with waitress, some fresno girls, and some HBLatina7/6's.
Danced with Latinas for like an hour, but blew any chances of
pulling, because I couldn't calibrate them properly. Even when
one told me I had nice lips. (IOI)

Sunday 8/15:
- Day: Buy food at Plaza De America to save a few bucks on food.
- Sarge Coco Bongo (lots of touristy shows on stage)
- Jacas got laid and then robbed by a gay guy. Stole his rockstar
pants and his rockstar belt.
- Vegas got slammed to the ground in a strip club by 4 bouncers for
having his feet on the table. Later made good with the manager
and got a free pass for the next night.

Monday 8/16:
- Lots of good short sets.
- Set of the night. Jacas was good cop, I was bad cop. Jacas was
having a good set til he slapped her ass and blamed me. She gave me
the double bird, and when Vegas tried to say something back to
her, he got headbutted by a bouncer. bummer.

Tuesday 8/17:
- First bus open. HBBritish8's. Would have stayed in set, but we
missed our stop and had to walk back like a mile.
- Sarged Fat Tuesdays.
- Had 3 set of HB7's from sacramento. One of them pretended to draw
a fake tattoo on my arm of a Schlong/Ballz/andOtherStuff. I froze
and continued my C&F. Another example of me not being to
calibrate. Stayed in that set for like 45 minutes.

Wednesday 8/18:
- Senor Frogs / La Boom
- Vegas had some lame ass caricature drawn of him, costing us 5 bucks.
- Vegas draws better picture of the other artist, and he laughs.
(pictures on request)
- Jacas slaps Senor Frogs waitress on ass and almost gets beat down.
- Set of night: Some older Mexican women HB6.5s, waiting for the
male hot body contest. We convinced them we were going to enter
the contest and got them all dancing.

Thursday 8/19:
- Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins. Cool place. Lame bus ride there.
Those fools tried to get us to purchase trinkets at some market
they obviously were in kahoots with. Sneaky.
- Coco Bongo again.
- After bar closes, I see Jacas outside with a 2 set and randomguy.
HB8.5 of 2 set calls me a MILF, and how she used to do a half-asian
guy. I think she meant a AILF (AsianILF). At that point, I had too
many screwdrivers to think about pulling.

Friday 8/20:
- Go to Market 28, looking for cheap bling.
- after 2 hours of browsing and haggling, find sweet mayan water
pinky ring.
- Show up to DadyRock like rockstars. Loud shirts, loud shades.
Get front table in packed bar.
- Tipped the waiter good once, and we got drinks all night.
- first 30 minutes of sarging, some Miami girl swipes my new pimp
ring right off my finger in mid dance. Doh.
- I ass bumped some HBLatina8 and 15 minutes later a random dude
approaches me and says "You touched my girlfriend". I diffuse the
situation with "Oh, sorry dude." He walks away.

Saturday 8/21:
- Sarge The City. Very commercial club.
- We notice lonewolf waiting in line. Violate 3 second rule.
- Get table upstairs, drink some drinks. Open some sets.
- Jacas, master of the mexican pull, pulls the lone wolf.
- Vegas almost catches his face on fire while lighting up.

Sunday 8/22:
- Return back to LA. from Cancun-Phoenix-Vegas-LA. Too many stops.

To me, this trip was a sort of self-mini-bootcamp to get
focused, tighten up my inner game», learn some fundamentals
and theory from my bros, and get lots of field experience.

Hope you enjoyed the post as much as we enjoyed our trip.

Peace out.


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