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RSD Bootcamp Review (long)

mASF post by formhandle

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RSD Bootcamp Review (long)
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mASF post by "formhandle"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2004

rocker44 wrote:

>This is a great point. I would have been
>happy to do this for FREE. I meet up
>with people in San Diego through PAIR
>all the time and many guys start out
>with major approach anxiety. I'm sure
>theres many more guys out there like me
>that are happy to meet up with anyone
>from the community.
>I'd be disappointed as fuck if that's
>all the more I got out of a $1500 check.

I believe workshops should expect the "prerequisite" that every attendee have
become accustomed to at least approaching & opening chicks before taking a
workshop. Of the workshops I've observed, it seems that many first-timers have
incredible approach anxiety and have barely done any approaches, if ever,
before taking the workshop. I've had situations in such workshops where if I
did my own set/approach while other guys observed, doing something I would only
consider nominally interesting, I would get comments like "OMG you're awesome."
That is a perfect formula where the most an attendee could glean over the
course of 1-3 days is finally doing approaches and simultaneously seeing guys
good at the game "do stuff" in front of him.

With the volume of posts here, one would THINK that most guys taking workshops
are used to approaching and mainly want to "up their game". But the more
common thing is to have guys who:

- Have barely if ever approached, are socially awkward, have social phobias,
etc etc. Notice I didn't say "fear of approaching" or "fear of rejection"
because EVERYONE can still experience those fears, even Mystery and TD, but
they get beyond it regardless of their fears.


- Guys who use workshops & products as surrogates for their improvement. They
feel empowered when they buy the latest products, take seminars, and take
workshops. Yet they still won't approach chicks on their own or with wings.
They'll join mailing lists, lairs, have lair "meetings", attend seminars and
workshops, listen to affirmation tapes, etc etc but get them into the field and
you gotta drag them into sets. Once in set, they freeze up.

Hey, what can I say, I still occasionally freeze up myself, especially if I
haven't been actively PUing for a while and it's the first set that day. But
the kinds of guys I described above are that way constantly (like 100% of the
time) and they seek a solution through their surrogates rather than taking
action into their own hands. That's why I mentioned PAIR. At the very worst,
you get a guy who will push you to DO SOMETHING and be there to hang out with &
laugh with if the approach crashes & burns. You got a guy who knows what the
deal is and you get to reciprocate the helpful pushing.

To disclaim, I have nothing against seminars or workshops, they can be helpful
(to whoever can afford them!). But I get concerned when they become surrogate
solutions for guys who have to ultimately assess for themselves whether the
money they are paying ultimately solves a big issue for them or if it only
FEELS that way out of Cialdini consistency ("I've paid all this money, so it
MUST have helped me.").

So, OK, the prerequisite is a catch-22 because A LOT of guys who desire to
attend these sorts of things are generally inexperienced at PU beyond
research/study. What those guys need is to first get thrown into REALITY and
be persistent about at the very least getting used to approaching.

It is mind-boggling to me that guys who find this site and spend MONTHS reading
and absorbing and have access to newbie step-by-step guides and all these
resources end up doing nothing on their own except trying a few approaches and
feeling bad about how those FEW approaches went. Those guys never send a dime
here and, rather than think the issue is their own lack of self-drive, think
they need to spend HUGE amounts of money on something that will solve it for
them. I'm not talking about an occasional product, a seminar, or workshop, I'm
talking about endless products and workshop after workshop.

I've observed a number of seminars & workshops (not attended, just hung around
to see how they were run) and it's insane how often I see the SAME FACES. Guys
who, after being at their THIRD workshop (one for Mystery, one for RSD, a DyD
seminar, etc etc) STILL have only gotten past the approach stage and can't seem
to break the barrier into REAL results. They are happy to just be pushed all
the time and watch the instructors perform. In other words, life-long betas
who now have a context for their beta-ness (makes them feel better) rather than
a drive to truly become what they want to be: PUAs, alphas (or "player" or
whatever other name relates).

Where can guys go to get this "approach experience" so when they go to
workshops they'll be ready for the more useful information, to be able to
experience a real jump up into the game rather than a temporary "preview"?
Well, the answer is not external - it's in having access to all these resources
AND the drive to USE THEM. Or, for the low low price of $1,000/person+travel
per weekend (Sat & Sun), I will gladly fly out to any city and "push" 3 guys
into sets all day/night long. Not available on TV! Why do I have a feeling
I'll now get a flood of e-mail or some of the workshop people will end up
offering this "new" service?

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