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Field Report+: The English Patient

mASF post by stevie_pua

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Field Report+: The English Patient
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mASF post by "stevie_pua"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2004

The English Patient.

I was ill yesterday so I stayed in bed most of the day resting. Then I got a
message from HB
T asking to meet up with me. It's interesting how your biology can work both
for and
against you, because I came back to life a bit when I knew I was meeting her.
So I pulled
myself together and met her in the city centre.

The first time I'd been out with her (see my "Intuition Sarging" post) she'd
brought her
friend along with her. Now she was by herself and the friend was conveniently
somewhere else
for the day. We went down by the river and sat and talked and had a drink. I
did some
patterning lightly, including the Beauty Is Common pattern and it went down

The kino was going great. I'd almost forgotten how powerful a technique kino
is. On both
times I have been out with HB T the kino has been so useful. It lets you show
you are
sexual, confident and you can test to see how she is feeling about you in
return by noticing
if she kinos in return. On the first meeting she wasn't kinoing a lot in return
but was
happily letting me use kino. On this second meeting (because it was just me and
her, without
her girlfriend to judge her?) HB T was kinoing back to me a lot. We were
holding hands,
touching each other's arms and backs. Later I had my arm around her and she had
her arm
around me, and this was a direct escalation of the earlier kino.

I'd told her I'd been ill and she started paying a lot of extra attention to me
when I told
her I wasn't well. She'd told me she likes the actor Ralph Fiennes, so I had
the idea to
link Ralph with me by telling her I am The English Patient. In the film, the
English Patient
is looked after and falls in love with his foreign nurse. (I am English and HB
T is
Spanish). This got a great response from HB T, so whenever I felt cold or warm
or ill, I
made sure to let her see I wasn't well through my non-verbal. She'd then come
close to me,
kino, hug me, hold my hand and ask if I was alright. I really was feeling ill,
so that wasn't
acting, but I made sure to let her know how I was feeling without telling her
directly. I
let her notice it for herself and therefore she thought it was her own idea to
come and
comfort me.

We walked and talked, me now with HB T's jacket around my shoulders to keep me
warm. She
walked with her arm in mine in the French style. I did a palm-reading outside a
pub and gave
suggestions for her to feel trust and comfort and connection. I noticed that
when I did a
rehearsed palm reading script it was less accurate than when I use my intuition
and say
things based on how I've actually read the person. The learning experience here
is that when
I know the person a little or can read what kind of a person she is, it is
better for me to
follow those intuitions as this makes the reading more powerful and accurate.
But when I
don't know the person I can fall back on the rehearsed script. I then let her
try to read my
palm to ( I think this was really just an excuse for her to kino me more than
anything). It
was like my being ill had established a frame where she was free to hold me and
rub my back
and hug me in the cause of helping me feel better.

I was getting hungry so we ended up taking a taxi to a Mexican restaurant which
happened to be near HB T's house. We ate at the restaurant, all the while my
playing up my
English Patient role. At one point she said she was going to adopt me and I
could be her
little brother. Has she been reading the TD Archive? I tried not to laugh when
I heard her
say that, and I agreed to be adopted by her. Here I used a little Displaying
Higher Value technique which I have used successfully a few times. Here’s how
it works – I tell her I’ve had a song in my head all day. The song is “Perfect”
by Fairground Attraction. I sing a few lines from the song to help her know the
song I mean and look her in the eye as I do it. If you know the song I mean
you’ll know the lyrics – “It’s got to be perfect, it’s got to be worth it, too
many people take second best, but I won’t take anything less, it’s got to be
perfect.”. What this does is send the message that I am the selector and will
only accept a girl who meets my high standards. Of course this is all implied
metaphorically. My meaning is ambiguous, and chicks love this shit, they love
trying to work out what does he mean by that. They seem programmed to look for
deeper meaning and significance in communication. It’s kind of like the two
female psychologists who pass each other in the street. One of them says good
morning and the other thinks “I wonder what she means by that”. It adds a layer
of complexity to you that makes her wonder what you mean. She’s thinking “is he
just singing a song or is he trying to tell me I have to be good enough”. This
adds intrigue and depth to your interaction and makes them wonder the true

HB T then said I could sleep at her place if I wanted to. I think what enabled
me to get
this offer from her was the connecting and intuition material I'd run last time
with the trust material in the palm reading, all now brought together in a
frame where it is
socially acceptable to take someone home (ostensibly to look after me). I
agreed that it was
better for me to stay at her place than to walk all the way home in my sick
condition, so we
walked to HB T's apartment.

I'd like to say I shagged her all night, but I didn't because I was really
feeling ill by
this time (it was 4.30am) and her father was next door. We did hug and kiss,
then in the
morning continued with more touching and kissing each other. I really like this
chick, she
is the best chick I've been out with for some time and it would be great to see
her in

As I left her apartment in the morning she had to sneak me out in case her
father saw me
(hey it's a religious country) and I told her I've done the same a few times in
the past too. (I
remember once sneaking FB Athletic out of my parent's house with split-second

So, all in all a good night and lovely to spend time with a quality chick who
treats me very
well. That's important to me. I'm sure it's important to you too. Now I'm just
waiting for
a bunch of coughing and spluttering guys to start showing up at the lairs. I
actually think for girls on day twos it could be worth playing around with this
frame because it allows her an excuse to kino, buy you drinks and take you
home. I remember a girl I fucked in a one night stand years ago (nightclub PU)
– I told her I’d missed my train home, had nowhere to stay, gave her some puppy
dog eyes and she took me home to her place and I banged her on her living room

I think if they are attracted (by looks or by gaming her verbally) and then you
move into the “sick” frame, it works as a rapport builder and she can enter a
frame where it is socially acceptable for her to take you home to your place or
her place, cook for you, get you drinking, and you can take to your bed and
have her come in to comfort you. It’s not my default game but it is something
to play around with if you get the chance. This week I need to change my name
to Sick Boy, it seems! Adios amigos.

* * * * *

Sometimes you've just got to say "What the fuck."
"What the fuck" gives you freedom.
And freedom brings opportunity.

* * * * *

Stevie PUA

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