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ATTN: RSD Workshop Attendees...are you good?

mASF post by madbad

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ATTN: RSD Workshop Attendees...are you good?
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mASF post by "madbad"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2004

I agree. And like I said, nobody who takes the workshop is going to be as
good as TD... duh. But I think most guys out there who want to take the
seminar would be pretty psyched to be doing as well as me-- way below TD,
and way above the average guy. Mystery talked in his earlier posts about how
he wanted to be known as a "ladies man." I am. Even though I can't perform
the magic of the top instructors. And it's really fun.

So... here's another angle: advice for guys who are planning to take the RSD
workshop to get the most out of it:

1. All of the openers and canned material that you will need are here on the
board. Memorize a dozen before the workshop so you don't have to sit there
taking notes. Instead really WATCH and LISTEN. TD and PlayboyLA actually
demonstrate this stuff and you will do far better imitating their tone and
body language than their words. So, come to class prepared.

2. During the breaks, chat with the instructors who will be taking guys out to
the workshop and figure out who has a personality that might be more
congruent for you. If you're 35, try not to get into a group with one of the
really young guys. This is really important. I can't pull off the
stuff that 26 does. For me, PlayboyLA's style is much more congruent. I can
do a straight "impression" of him and get great results.

3. Go out and open every set you see every night for a week before the
seminar. SHBs, UGs, whatever. Even better if you can do it with a wing from
one of the lairs. That way, when you get to the seminar you'll know your
sticking points and know what to work on... In fact, it's deeper than that. I
wasn't aware of what I was doing wrong until I actually saw TD demonstrate
stuff. There were all of these moments during the seminar and the workshop
where I was like, A-HA! That's what I was doing wrong! You'll see the guys
who are actually out in the field, at certain points during the seminar they
start grinning like an idiot and nodding-- they just GOT it. It's pretty cool.

Last note: If you DON'T get a lot out of this program, it's certainly not the
fault of the RSD guys. They work really hard to get you into those sets and to
get you laid. Especially in big venues where you can "lose" students, they
fucking panic if they can't find one of the students, worrying that he may be
standing around somewhere instead of in-set. If you are reasonably
outgoing, prepare, and come with the attitude that you are going to work
hard (and not expect a magic bullet»), I think it will seriously change your

fortuna favet audad...
Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know

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