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Lay Report: Bar Pull, Fairly Straightforward

mASF post by Design

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Lay Report: Bar Pull, Fairly Straightforward
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mASF post by "Design"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, April 4, 2005

On 4/18/05 7:58:00 AM, Mystery wrote:
>If someone who took the
>bootcamp this weekend could
>kindly post a synopsis of my
>theories of and gambits for
>LMR I would appreciate it.
>Angel would find them very
>helpful and reasonable.

No prob. ( looks like I lost my notes...I have ThuWhacker's though,
so here it is...)

LMR, or Last Minute Resistence, is an evolutionarily hard-wired emotional
defense mechanism a girl has due to the fact that 40,000 years ago, if she got
pregnant by a guy who wasn't going to stick around to help raise the child, she
and the child would die.

Mystery describes the feeling this way: Have you ever had $10,000 on red when
you are playing roulette? LMR is like you have a lot of money and its riding on
a 50-50 chance. That is what last minute resistance is for a girl.

There are five ways to overcome LMR, but the general principle is not to barrel
through it with eternal's to help her get rid of the feeling
so that she doesn't experience it in the first place.

(1) Seven hours. If you wait seven hours before trying to full monty her, you
will dramatically reduce LMR.

(2) "You have highjacked my brain." Convince her of this and you capitulate to
the needs of her LMR: you two are won't just fuck her and
leave. Start your "highjacked brain" campaign ten minutes into the sarge:

"Do you want to hear the weirdest thing? I don’t know you from a hole in the
wall, I really feel this connection with you. Its so weird. Say that when you
went away, I actually missed you."

(3) The Freeze Out. This is Mystery's classic LMR tactic. If a girl stops you
at a certain point as you are moving toward sex, and it is not simply token
resistence, you STOP. Completely. Stop. Say, "I understand." And go do
something else. It is imperative not to come off as pouting. Rather, you're
just communicating, "If you don't want to do this, that's cool." But really,
this is a punishment for her since she is aroused. You're saying, you don't
get the reward of me arousing you unless you're willing to take this all the
way. Anyway, stop, go do something else, then return, maybe touch her leg, and
things will resume. Then tell her to do the thing she wouldn't do before.
Continue as usual.

(4)"We should stop." This is for token resistence: when a girl comes up with
lots of stupid excuses why you shouldn't be hooking up. In those cases you
just say, "You're right, we should stop," and keep going.

(5) Riker's 3 Rules: You tell a girl, "Look, I have three values that I live
by. One, I always wear a condom. Especially with a girl that I first have sex
with. Two, I want this to be fun. I want this to be win-win. I want us to both
enjoy it. Three, when we look back at this tomorrow, I want us to look back
and be glad that we did it. If everything has happened again, I want us to want
to do it again. If we don’t feel these are true, then we shouldn’t do it."

And there you have it...the solution to LMR. I'll repost this in T&T.


Life By Design

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