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Lay Report: Asian-American PUA in Brazil (2 min tongue-down)

mASF post by Deleted user

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Lay Report: Asian-American PUA in Brazil (2 min tongue-down)
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mASF post by "Deleted user"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, April 4, 2005

I decided to write this one up because it was so surreal, but one of the
best memories I have from my "Brazilian diaries".

I'm in the city of Joao Pessoa, walking around on the beach getting burnt by
the glaring sun and checking out the women on the beach. Funny thing about
the Northeast of Brazil though. The HBs basically don't go to the beach,
thinking it's for lower class women. So they just stay in their air
conditioned malls and shop all day long. So on the beach, UGs to the left,
UGs to the right, I feel faint.

I grab a seat next to the only salveable HB I can find, and end up meeting
her cousins. Cool guys, one of them is an English teacher, and eager to
practice with me. They think I'm Japanese. I tell them I'm from the
states. I tell them Baywatch is bullshit and that Cali does not have porno
blondes prancing up and down the beach 24 hours a day. They look at me with
sad eyes, devastated. I've shattered their American dream. LOL

I get in good with the cousins and they invite me to a HUGE concert/street
party that night. Instant social proof and social circle, since these guys
are local "PUAs". In the Brazilian Northeast, when people go to concerts,
they PARTY. Guys park their cars outside, blast their stereos, and alcohol
flows like water. I go there and by 1am, there is spontaneous dancing
erupting all around me.

It's pure decadence, like a Roman orgy south of the border. I see 40 year
old men grabbing and tonguing down 15-16 year old girls. I see guys dancing
in perfect rhythm to the sounds of forro (the local music) and then tucking
girls under their arms and taking them to the local "love motels" - which
are awesome "rent by the hour" luxury fvck rooms.

The normal speed of Brazilian tongue downs (called "ficar"), which is fast
for US standards, is even FASTER here.

I see a CUTE brunette eyeing me. I don't even say a word and just approach
in full sexual state, grab her hands, and start swaying to the music. I
feel like I'm possessed by the spirit of Gunwitch as my hard-on rubs against
her legs LOL I start dancing to the beat of the music like Jet Li on
crack, but she's patient. I'm just vibin' with her from the sexual energy
and tongue her down within 2 minutes.

I rejoin the party by merging nearby social circles, dancing with a few
other girls to get some jealousy going, then tell her "Let's go take a drive
to the beach." It's now 4AM. We go to the beach, drink coconut water out
of some coconuts that got chopped down earlier in the day, and sit down
watching the tides come in.

I'm actually kind of freaked out, because there are stories of guys fvcking
their girlfriends getting mugged in the middle of the night. But it's all
good. I wrap her in a blanket and she knows what's coming. No last minute
. She just looks at me with these dreamy brown eyes as I go
inside her and have sex on the beach for the first time in my life.


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