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Re: How the hell did it get to this point?

mASF post by finalD

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Re: How the hell did it get to this point?
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mASF post by "finalD"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

reignman35 wrote in news:[email protected]:

> Maybe I'm frustrated that more guys don't see the light

This is a normal phase in your development.

You must move through it, young Padwan (or however the fuck you spell
the gay word from the gay movie) and come to accept your true position
in the universe.

Many new-to-mASF rAFCs come here as much for their buddies as for
themselves. "So," they say, after having read the layguide exactly once
and done two total cold approaches in their lives, "Now that I GET THE
CONCEPT how can I make my mates understand? They're all resistant,

No. You don't HELP your mates. You don't MAKE them understand. Show them
the water, and let them either drink or die of thirst. We can't MAKE any
other human DO ANYTHING. We can only persuade. "Mmmm, tasty water. Now
I'm not thirsty any more. Mmm."

And you don't live THEIR lives. If they're poorly off because of AFC
attitudes, divorce them. Divorce yourself from them by getting a new
group of friends. It seldom works that an AFC can become a PUA and yet
keep the same lifestyle, friends, hangouts. The systems won't be in
place, the pals won't support him, the new world is too radically
differernt from the old. You have to leave your mates behind.

And you have to leave behind the desire to HELP THE WORLD. You want to
"show all men the light" of mASF. Why? That's a messianic, or at least
savior, impulse. It's the SAME IMPULSE that kept you AFC for so long. "I
have to do what's 'right' for the greatest number of people." It's why
people sign up for the military, for example -- in order to do what they
perceive as "helping" the group.

Why help the group? George W. Bush sucks rocks, the military industrial
complex doesn't need my help to run things. Enlightened self-interest
says, the group is doing fine without me.

There are a few things you can't "divorce" yourself from. You aren't big
and strong enough to defend your country's borders, so you need SOME
sort of government with SOME sort of military (whether or not you want
it to pre-emptively invade Iraq is entirely a different question). You
aren't wealthy enough to just snap your fingers and thereby have dinner,
so you need SOME sort of economic system around you. Liquid currency,
stable banks, good interest rates, etc. You need to exist, so you have
to (kind of) keep your parents. And you're stuck with your siblings.

Those are, essentially, the things you can't divorce yourself from. The
rest, leave it behind. Your instinct to "help" them is an AFC instinct.
It's a sense "need to participate in the whole." To hell with THAT
whole, it's not on your side. Find one that is.

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in
higher esteem those who think alike than those who think

Friedrich Nietzsche

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