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Girl‘s attracted, asks for favors, how to fix it?

mASF post by Heisse

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Girl‘s attracted, asks for favors, how to fix it?
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mASF post by "Heisse"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2005

A bit of background: she's from Yugoslavia, very polite and well-mannered (a
shocking difference from standard US chicks).

On 3/16/05 2:25:00 AM, zarathustra_fi wrote:
>On 3/15/05 3:26:00 PM, Heisse wrote:
>Ok I comment the rest now:
>>-If it's all genuine (her physiological
>>reactions are, unless she's hysteroid)
>Got it! And what if she IS histerical (=
>dissociative) and behaves like a guy to
>hide that? In that case you have a
>wonderful test in your hands:
>- if she reacts receptive when you
>establish a dominant frame then she is

To my C&F or dominant language she reacts with strong giggling.

>- if she reacts even more dominant and
>you get the impression that she is
>"scared","nervous","fearful" when she

None of that.

>>I used your fast arousal stuff on her,
>>straight from the post.
>Which was her non verbal then???

80% from

>That´s ok. How she reacts non verbally
>to that?

Long EC, throwing hair back, sidelong glances when leaves, DEEP tonality. Today
she almost ran to me to kiss me hello.

>You cannot know that if you don´t
>establish a stronger dominant frame on
>her. It can be dissociative. Or not. She
>cannot hide it anymore after you put a
>stronger and stronger dominant frame on

How exactly do I establish a more dominant frame?

>If she does not comply to the stronger
>dominant frame on her by becoming
>feminine and receptive and you feel that
>you REASONABLY dominated her then she is
>A FAKE (= has problems) or has some
>POLITICAL REASONS to behave like that.

What are the signs of complying? She already said that she wants to take me out
for drinks after I did that small favor to her. Looks like she's seducing me,
actually. I had that stuff a couple of times.

>For example Helsinki is full of bitches
>who try to put dominant frames on guys
>just to get the pleasure of ending the
>evening by telling him:"You see. You are
>a chauvinist male. You don´t respect
>women!" (after he paid the dinner for

OMG!!! I try to filter those out from the beginning. Onvce I hear any
man-hating shit or see that she's not congruent, that's a very strong red flag.

>Anyway this seems to be more the very
>common kind of chicks who is very
>primative and VERY HORNY but will give
>herself as a woman only to the guy who
>puts a stronger dominant frame and maybe
>use as a "emotional toy" the one who
>will not dominate. (not 100% sure yet:
>more information required)

What info do you need?

>Let´s follow up this case if it is ok
>for you.


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