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What to do when she sits next to you

mASF post by Psyche

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What to do when she sits next to you
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mASF post by "Psyche"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2005

Ok, since the answers above appear to be semi (or completely) worthless, I'll
chime in here. DISCLAIMER: I am not a PUA Guru or a Pickup God, just a guy
who's been here a while and is getting laid fairly regularly from quality

First of all, make sure your head is in the right place- you are probably the
most fun guy she'll EVER talk to and if she can't value that it's her loss.
For every one hot girl who sits next to you, there's 50 more in line dying to
meet you. Now on to what you do...

DON'T change the position you're sitting in at all- she hasn't affected you in
any way. Slowly turn your head towards her and casually (like you're talking
to a buddy) say "Hey, I need your take on (stop and interrupt yourself in the
middle of the sentence) waitaminute... Are you single? (in a slightly
suspicious tone of voice)"

That's enough to start talking. The rest would take more space to explain than
we have here. Read the layguide, read some of the archives, sign up for David
D's newsletter (click the DYD button on the right), and that will get you
started, but it's a long journey to being good and it's up to you to make it.


It's all in our minds...

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