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Re: The reality I knew is fading from my mind...

mASF post by AllActionAndy11

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Re: The reality I knew is fading from my mind...
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mASF post by "AllActionAndy11"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2004

I know exactly what you are talkin about in your posts. It was just recently
that I had my breakthrough. I had been feeling this was something I needed to
happen to me for like 3 years, and it finally did, and I am loving myself and
my life more than ever. This change is great though. We should all be
appreciative that through some course of events, we have attained the clarity
of the world that leads to full inner security that in turn ups our game to a
new level.

I remember how it happened for me. I got so close to my breaktrhough like 1 and
a half years ago, and amazingly without this site. Then i went to high school,
and its like I just let go of all my work. Then I found the layguide, and then
joined here a half hear later, and reached clarity. I'm lovin it, but its kinda
funny and sad to see everybody be so insecure and let their world revolve
around others, which is easy to see from the outside lookin in.

Anyway, hats off to Ross Jeffries (catalyst to a working method which
eventually led to this site), Formhandle, Mystery, TD, ijjji (your method
removed a little fog from the window), and everybody else that has led to this
truly lifechanging material.

All action

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