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When active disinterest goes wrong

mASF post by Heisse

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When active disinterest goes wrong
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mASF post by "Heisse"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, June 6, 2004

Yeah, this should be in general. Here's a log of our chat

Heisse:I was in a situ like this, ppl were in those.
Heisse:She's running 101 on U don't U think?
Heisse:So, UR in a good position.
Heisse:She's Ur friend, cool
Heisse:Now you can touch her, "friendly kino" y'know?
Heisse:If any protests, U go "Hey, we're just friends!
Heisse:You can ask her about problems w/ chicks, like what does it mean when
girls ask me for time in the street when they have a watch?
Heisse:(that's an approach)
Heisse:, etc
BBE:so talk about other chicks i'm seeing etc
BBE:no more inquisitive
BBE:like what does it mean when a chick does xx yy
Heisse:Just mention in passing how you went with a friend to a concert. SHE's
such an interesting person!
Heisse:U win no matter what
Heisse:If U don't chase her and she likes U, she'd think that U don't like her
and try to win U back
Heisse:If she really doesn't like you, U got a chick to talk to, learn female
language and psych, hang out with and a (hopefully) good-looking pivot
BBE:but why would she go with the ljbf thing, if she's not sure if she likes
BBE:i mean that i like her
Heisse:I'll answer later, lemme finish
BBE:she's 8.5
Heisse:You have a pivot anyway, dude!
Heisse:DAFS MRsex4uNYC subj "Pivot theory with the phrase "sparks fly"
Heisse:She’s using game on U man
Heisse:where was I?
Heisse:Next steps
Heisse:1. OK,. I understand, no problem
Heisse:(she'll be surprised why she lost U so easily and it'll B a neg of
Heisse:2. Keep hanging out w/ her
Heisse:With looking at other chicks (hey, she's your LJBF, not GF, U can do it,
Heisse:3. constant touching. arm here, shoulder there, when you take smth out
of her hand, brush hand w/ fingers, when U wanna attract her attn, touch her
shoulder, etc.
Heisse:Not sexy kino
Heisse:Constant touching increases levels of oxytocin ( (Link: ) and gives a trance-like state. I had that run on me' it' feels like UR drunk
Heisse:How often do U C her?
BBE:well i've seen her 4 times total
BBE:2 lunches
BBE:first time was drunken hook up
BBE:then lunch
BBE:then out one night
BBE:more hook up
BBE:then lunch again
BBE:then call tonight
BBE:sms/calls between them
BBE:but i won't see her for ages now because its holidays, unless we arrange
Heisse:OK, signs that she likes you? (Link:

BBE:well yes

BBE:when she said there is not chemistry, i laughed and thought to myself do
you always suck the tongue of guys who you have no chemistry with
BBE:we made out pretty hard core,
Heisse:Cool, use Sir's mindmap, and run attract material on her over SMS and
BBE:she said shit like, your eyes are so dreamy
BBE:i can't look in your eyes they are too intense
Heisse:Call late at night and chat, use deep voice run arousal patterns, wish
good night, hang up
Heisse:then repeat,
Heisse:There should be no sexual language between U but a tension on non-verbal
BBE:so basically be a friend, but make her feel stupid for not getting with me
BBE:i mean implicitly
Heisse:Become her friend and kino her and run attract and rapport mat'l on her
in the mix: UR my sister, then dancing pattern than smth else, all in a low
Heisse:Work with other chicks in the meantime
BBE:you got that right
Heisse:Treat her like a real friend, but kino. Ask for advice on a girl that's
interested in U (I hope U have those)
Heisse:Do you?
Heisse:Cool , than ask her for interpretation of IOIs LOL
Heisse:That's how I laid one
Heisse:It took long but hey
BBE:i see what you mean, be her friend but make her realise i'm not hung up on
Heisse:Yes, and arouse her physically and verbally, but be her friend. But
arouse :)
BBE:cheers man
Heisse:UR welcome. Hope it helped
Heisse:Maybe I should post this log?
BBE:can't hurt

P.S. Don't forget gentle negs. "your nose moves funny when you talk", "Is this
a popular shirt? I saw a girl wearing this one in subway yesterday".

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