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Are HBs female PUAs?

mASF post by chickjunkie

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Are HBs female PUAs?
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mASF post by "chickjunkie"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2003

On 5/5/03 12:46:00 PM, benjiprice wrote:
>I'm still a BAFC with
>Every time I start to get an
>edge, she outplays me.

She can ALWAYS outplay you because you have one-itis-That means you are NOT
going to give her up no matter what she does, giving her ALL the power in the
relationship. She can flirt and tease to her heart's content knowing YOU CAN'T

In order for that to change you have to be willing and able to PU other
chicks. When she sees that she CAN/WILL lose you to an even cooler and better
woman her value drops and your's rises because she then has to work for you
(i.e. supplicate). When you are able to have a hotter and better chick are you
going to stay with this one? Of course NOT!

That is why having one-itis-will NEVER get you anywhere. The authors of the
lay guide are very smart and have devised a robust and fool proof method to get
you tail. They made all the mistakes, field tested ideas, did the research,
and put years of training into something that works. If you can't even put the
effort to read the Fornication materials that are PROVEN to work.. well don't
cry about "Female PUAs".

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