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commercial seductionists: you are now accused

mASF post by formhandle

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commercial seductionists: you are now accused
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mASF post by "formhandle"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2003

breakbeat wrote:


I was going to come back with some snappy remarks because I really think your
post is SILLY, but will instead just give it to you straight.

First, your lecture:

People who want to pay money for a product or service have the FREE WILL to
decide to do so or not, just as those who provide such products or services are
free to charge whatever they want. My only complaint, ever, with anyone ever
charging for something in this genre is if it's almost completely useless (i.e.
RG's Seduction Library site/books) or is a rip-off of some sort (Tony charging
access to his "Lay Guide" which contains a truck load of content from people
who never gave him permission to do so). Other than that, it's all opinion.
If I think something is valuable, I'll talk about it. If it costs money, so
what? Am I going to hide a potentially useful resource from people just
because it's commercial? And, in the same token, I don't continue breaking my
back on this site to be a "free advertising" vessel for those commercial
products simply because I choose to talk about them or point people to them.
If they offer some kind of financial reciprocation for such exposure, I'll take
advantage of it. BUT that does not equate to having that exposure in exchange
for compensation (as I do still talk about commercial products regardless of
compensation potential). If that weren't the case, you wouldn't see half the
products I list on the site in some sections. Also, if I was swayed by
financial matters in any way, you wouldn't be reading my recent concerns
regarding MM WS and such.

You have NEVER met anyone more objective than me. This is a GUARANTEE. Don't
even test me on this.

Maybe it's hard for you to believe, but I can't be easily bought. Your
argument comes from an idealistic vision, yet you can't even accept the
near-ideal I've set up for this site. You are rejecting the very thing which,
tell me I'm wrong, has changed your life for the better (MUCH better). If
things weren't the way they were, this site would not be in existence and you
would be where you were 12 months ago.

My take on your decision to lodge this long-winded rant is that you got a bit
disgruntled that I removed a recent post of yours, the reason I posted a recent
"warning" here. I'm not interested in being liable for your idealistic
beliefs, and I certainly don't appreciate when such liabilities undercut (GOOD
commercial) resources which I want people to know about. It hurts those
people's incentive to create more useful stuff, and it puts me in a bad spot.
Frankly, after all I've done around here and, in specific ways, that I've
helped you (not asking for anything in return), I find the way you added me
your rant offensive, even if it was in jest.

Now, to the straight dope:

I've never charged, don't charge, and never will charge access to this web
site. HOWEVER, I do reserve the right in the future to be FAIRLY compensated
if I choose to create something outside of this site and use it as a support
mechanism for the site. Also, I reserve the right to put together
technically-driven resources that I MAY charge for because those things take
TIME and resources to create. If you have a problem with that, you've got
something to learn about the term "free loading" and expecting OTHER people to
break their back for you for free.

You know how annoying it is to read this post of yours? As I type this, I'm
negotiating with a mobile service provider to add a unique feature on their
service that FS101 users can make use of 24/7. However, I can't hand out that
provider's service for free. Does that mean I should NOT even consider making
such a thing available to guys here because it costs money? You have NO IDEA
all the things I have going in the background that will FLOOR all you guys in
terms of added features and usefulness. However, SOME of those things are
impossible to provide for free. I will NOT halt the effort on those features
or services simply because there is a monetary value attached to them. They
don't exist NOW, they aren't available NOW, so where is is stated that I have
an obligation to pay for those things out of my own pocket so that everyone who
wants such stuff can have it for free? Because this site is free I have to
become your slave in everything else I choose to do?

> formhandle (should you ever pay more than
> the server off your ebook revenue)

You know what? After all my efforts, that you continue to benefit from even
though you have never needed to ONCE give me a red cent for, you have
absolutely NO PLACE making judgments on anything I choose to do. This is an
unbelievably offensive remark. Perhaps you want I should donate all my
paychecks to the FS101 community? How about I dump my savings into your bank
account? You're basically asking me to do the SAME THING when you make it seem
like I am out of line for even considering that my time is valuable, especially
after what I've been doing and continue to do.

If I already spend a lot of my time applied to FS101, how is it worthwhile for
me to ADD weeks of my time on top of that? Do I OWE you that time? No I do
not. If you want access to my time, beyond what I already provide, you have
some gall to expect that time for free. GROW UP.

>as for formhandle, i hope he
>will never write a commercial

Heaven forbid I spend weeks of my time creating something of a specific nature
- researching, writing, editing, and distributing - and actually think to
assign a value to it. After all, I should to that FOR YOU for FREE, right? I
mean, I already spend 20+ hours/week keeping this whole site up & running &
free, not including time I spend communicating to guys through e-mail, fielding
support issues, etc. or the time I spend working on future enhancements. I
mean, I already do that for free, never requiring a dime from anyone, so why
should every minute of my existence and experience be free to you? You know
what, if you even remotely think that, then I have a few words for you: GROW
UP. If I choose to write a book and feel that it's valuable, it's my CHOICE to
sell it if I want. You don't like that? Don't buy it. If you're bothered
that I would do that and not just distribute the book freely, then again we're
back to you basically telling me that my time is worthless and you deserve more
from me than I already provide. What the fuck do I owe YOU?

What if this site were a free financial information site. Would all CPAs all
of a sudden be wrong for charging for their services? Would I be wrong for
picking out good CPAs to point people to?

How about the ever-growing cost of this site? The cost to keep this site
doesn't remain static. The costs continue to increase. So, rather than charge
access (which I will never do), I need to find ever-increasing ways to support
things. It's either that or FS101 goes away.

If you want a clue about the traffic growth, just install the Alexa toolbar:

And those stats barely include ANY search engine traffic or traffic from other
sites linking to FS101. Why? Because I have not yet once submitted the site
to any search engines or actively pursued other people to link to the site. I
could EASILY do that if my intent was to solely drive traffic for the purposes
of generating revenue. But the traffic grows at a phenomenal rate even without
that, so what happens when one day the links start escalating and the load
simply becomes too expensive and time-consuming? Either I have to find a way
to support myself for all the hours and costs or FS101 goes away. 2 choices -
that's it. You have a rant against that? Go live life for a while without the
support of others. Understand what 100% independence and responsibility truly
mean, what the words "self-reliance" and "autonomous" really mean. THEN come
back and give me your opinion on all this. Before then, you have no place
dictate anything to me.

What happens when the time requirements to keep things up, & running, &
constantly improved takes me 40 or more hours per week? I should donate my
life? To YOU? What do I owe YOU?

GROW UP. Adults are capable of making their own decisions.

jay [[email protected]]

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