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Weird set

mASF post by FerrisBueller

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Weird set
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mASF post by "FerrisBueller"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2004

By chance, last week I saw THE chick that LJBFed me about 1 year ago... and at
that point I knew I had to make some changes and found

So, humiliated, I immediately broke our rapport (quite deep rapport, I have to

Over that time, I have changed. I read the layguideread ASF archives, hit the
field, lifted weights and ate lots of red meat. I changed my beliefs,
attitudes and hid any needy traits. I corrected flaws in my body language....
And there is still 1,000,000 sticking point I want to get ironed out, however
the dynamic between the LJBF chick and myself was unbelievable.

The thing is, over the past year, I dont have a SCARSITY mentality when dealing
with girls, that I used to have. She's not a special flower. I simply dont
find her hot anymore.

So I just rolled up to her, poke her, tease her, bust her balls, weaved some
DHV stories and I ended up in set for 1.5 hours.

It's hard to explain in text, but she was qualifying herself through her body
language. It was facing towards me, and was supplicative and submissive. I
remember getting up, like I was leaving and became talking to some one else,
and she appeared worried that I WOULD GO. She was continuously trying to keep
the conversation going, but in an AFC way. Like I just had a strong C&F frame
and hooked her with intriguing some conversation.

In addition, over that 12 month period, due to the small city I live in, I was
socially proofed by her social circle. She was saying stuff like "x person and
y person, really like you, but I liked you first" and crazy jealousy shit like

She even venue changed me to a "quieter" place. I needed a lift to my car, so
her sister offered me a lift. While in the car, her body is completely facing
me, smiling. She was heckling her sister in front of me, which seemed like she
was trying to impress me. As I got out of the car she was waving out the back
window as I walked away. She re-number closed ME at the end of the night.

I doubt this behavior is a result of this "LJBFs" bullshit she pulled. The
tables have turned to my surprise. Its actually a turn off. The contrast
between my old and new self MUST HAVE been phenomenal for this to happen.
WEIRD SHIT! Has anyone else experienced this?

Im starting to think, croBadBoys' post is correct.

P.S. She is now a pivot. I told her that she has to take my out and introduce
me to all her friends.
They started talking, our job as PUAs is to keep them talking, attract, go into
the routines, extract and fuck. - Commander Zap

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