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Lay Report: Jlaix‘s 100% Perfect Girl

mASF post by ijjjji

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Lay Report: Jlaix‘s 100% Perfect Girl
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mASF post by "ijjjji"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, February 2, 2004

On 2/24/04 5:27:12 PM, Harmless wrote:

>So I approach with...
>"Hey guys, I'm writing an
>opinion piece on this NYT
>article... tell me what you
>think of it. Oh, do you mind
>I sit down?" as I sit next to

I LOVE the "Oh, do you mind>if>I sit down?" part!! Consider it stolen. I'm
gonna be like "What you are saying intrigues me.. oh do you mind if I take your
#?" and "OMG you are so cute when you do that.. oh do you mind taking a walk
with me.. I got to find a mini bank and buy cigs." etc etc! Cute!

>I move over to her side of the
>booth by asking her about the
>article and reading it with
>her. I also put my hand on her

This article stuff seems AFC to me.. but now everyone knows that you can say
any amount of AFC shit as long as you got alph-player-pimp body language and
tonality :)

>She starts asking me the usual
>"get to know you" questions,
>and I bust on her for being

I used to do this but figured its counter productive compared to just making
the info exchange FUN with guessing and crazy answers:

"Yeah I'm singer in a boyband - The Whatever Boys! What, haven't you heard
about us.. Aww you are gonna love us.. You surly heard our new HIT single (make
up a ballad as you sing it).. HEY, you could be my groupie.. wait, you are not
exactly groupie material.. You can be my personal manager and SHE can be my
groupie (grab arcitrary girl)", guess that she is 90 years old, then 13.. mix
in some cold reads "I sense a matureness in your spirit, yet it is fresh and
new!" etc etc

>She asks me where I'm from,
>why I moved to Austin, etc,

I love putting in mini vacuums aswell! "Its a sad story. There was a girl and
she was the light of my life. We were so close but then.. HEY what is this
(grab her purse) you got to be kidding - what is this supposed to mean.. don't
you know the secret message you are sending wearing a red purse with a blue
top.. OMG you are trouble.."

>my hand up and starts looking
>at it. I ask her what she's

Girls are into hands. Several girls has told me that they can fall in and out
of love with guys based on how sexy their hands are. They claim muscular
working hands is a big turn on. I work on my grip 2 times a work, but having
studied and worked in office all life means I still got work to do.

>I tell her the 100% perfect
>girl story to top it off and
>she's TOTALLY hooked.

Shit I got to re-read the old layguideI can't remember shit from it.

>Her pants come off, but I'm
>not wearing underwear so mine
>stay on. Here's the
>interesting thing... she'll
>let me rub
>her clit over her paanties,
>but only for a few seconds.
>Right as she's starting to get
>really excited, she MOVES my
>hand away.

I do the exact same thing. If a girl starts to to jerk me off, I will stop her.
To me it feels wrong if I get a lot hornier than her. I remember one girl - I
had to pin her down to make her stop. Same goes for BJ.. if I feel she is just
giving me head like a service, I will stop her and try to heat her up more
before allowing her to make me get anywhere close to an orgasm. I'm not having
any of that 'make him come, so I can go to sleep' kind of shit. I'd rather just
go to sleep..

>rubbing her clit again. She
>starts to move my hand but I
>just tell her to stop and she
>does. So she orgasms and I cum
>on her tits, we go to sleep.

Lol.. this is the exact thing I'm talkin about! She does not want to get too
involved in the sex. Its like a milder form of LMR.

Congrats man!! Smooth work!!!

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