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input on situation for a total noob

mASF post by Neo-Rio

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input on situation for a total noob
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mASF post by "Neo-Rio"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2004

>First of all, thanks for
>taking the time to reply. But
>please keep in mind I'm not
>fucking up out of sheer
>ignorance of what to do; this
>is all totally new to me and
>to be honest it makes me
>nervous as hell.

You're nervous when you have no reason to be... cause I can tell that you can
land this girl if you just knew what to do. This is another problem you're
going to have to get over.
(which is why there's a whole section on "Crash & Burn" in the layguide>>>>She thinks you're shy because you haven't said that you want to fuck her
and make her yours.<<<
>Maybe. I also know that I am
>a quiet person, and if
>everyone who's ever told me
>that I'm "shy" or "quiet" just
>wanted to fuck me......yikes.

Well doesn't the fact that they're paying attention to your idiosyncracies tell
you anything?
*cough* they're interested in you *Cough*

The problem with starting out with all this is until you get experience, you
don't know what you're supposed to be looking for or even if you should be

It comes with experience....

Believe me, I've had your EXACT same situation happen to me before many a
time... so I know how the story goes.

>What you are witnessing is her
>GIVING UP on ever getting your
>sexual attention. What you
>need to do is show her how
>much you appreciate what she's
>been doing and fuck her as
>No no, I kind of threw that in
>my post at the wrong time.
>She said that after we had
>lunch last friday. It was
>after I asked her what she
>likes to do on the weekend.

Oh ok. My mistake. She's telling you that she's bored then. Either way, she's
still gaming you for some action/attention... although I misread it to mean
that she was losing interest in you....

....but that WILL happen eventually if you don't do something. You've dragged
this on for too long already. She wants you to hurry up and decide.

>And yes, I don't *know* that
>she isn't the type that fucks
>guys left and right. But
>everything from her
>personality to her demeanor to
>what she's told me about
>herself and her background
>says otherwise.

Well you may be right... I'm not there, how would I know? I guess.

>But yeah, I'm not going to go
>assuming she's a virgin or

it's best to assume nothing. Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups.

>Yeah, I know, but I'm having a
>hard time even making the
>first move. I'd feel a lot
>more more comfortable doing
>something like trying to kiss
>her if we had more of a
>physical rapport from kino and
>stuff...which I'm trying to
>find excuse to do.

You don't need an excuse to do that!
But if you want one, try reading her palm or something.
Everything is only as difficult as you make it.

If you want to kiss her but feel shy, why not say so?
"I get the feeling that I want to hold you, and I'm having a hard time
controlling myself!"
That line in itself would solve a lot of your problems.

>>>>what about.... "Come inside my dorm, I want to show you something?"
>...On the tip of my tongue,
>but I just didn't have the

Really though, what have you got to lose? A female friend who won't have sex
with you? Come on, you can do better than that!
Any woman who won't fuck you is not really your friend anyway.... we call those
other women parasites, bitches, goldiggers, etc.

She has class
>tomorrow, she was on her way
>back to her apartment, and I
>wouldn't know what the hell to
>"show" her if I did get her up
>to my room (she'd run if I
>just whipped out my willy).

You're assuming again.

Here's an experiment for you, just TRY to kiss her, fondle her breasts, and
then see what happens. You have to expect to fuck up at this game a few times
if you're ever going to get good at it.

>I don't know. I can tell that
>she can tell that I'm
>interested in her, and I think
>she's getting the idea that
>I'm a bit more shy than she
>had initially thought. Why
>the fuck would I be doing this
>shit if I had a girlfriend?!?!

Well if you tell her that you are "Busy" on Valentine's day, then what is she
supposed to think? (considering she has romance on the brain)

Actually, you're FLAKING on her because to her, you're not actually busy at
all! If you were, you'd be more specific about what you were doing. Being
"busy" on valentine's day sounds like a cover-up... she's going to think you're
a flake!
If you were a chick, and I was a guy, I'd be LJBFing you by now!

>>>>So do I. You make me sick!<<<
>I love you too man.

No need for thanks ;)

Oh, and go fuck ten other women too while you're working on this one. You've
got to get over the fear of losing women.

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