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Field Report: Revolution Number Nine

mASF post by jlaix

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Field Report: Revolution Number Nine
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mASF post by "jlaix"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Went to El Rio last night.

I was in a bad mood, tired and sort of annoyed, for no particular reason.

Scratch that. The reason was: I've been burning the candle at both ends. I am
addicted to pickup. Burnout.

Attitudes are contagious. Mine might kill you.

So I get there and I see several chicks I've fucked, as usual, and I mill about
making polite conversation with them. I see one who tried to LJBF me and I
kicked out recently, she's with some DUMBASS FUCKHOLE who is aggressively
loitering around as I speak to her, putting drinks in her hand. I eye code her,
"Hope you're happy with this idiot. Bye." She just looks sad. Yeah, you made

I see a couple other chicks I know. One is this straight NINE I gamed last
week. Background: I met her there a couple months ago, and gamed her up. Then,
last week, I hit her up again, HARD, using HARDCORE "GoneSavage-style" rapport
stuff. It was perfectly calibrated, and I came off as a totally unique,
insightful and caring guy who was cool as fuck. But then, I miscalibrated when
an AMOG came in, and tried to blow him out by "pimping her out" to him. i.e.
"Yeah, dude, she's $200... you pay me."

Well, she got all pissed off and totally took it the wrong way, and she stormed
off with some dode. Now, to be fair, I did NOT chase her. I just laughed and
smiled as she left, calling her a brat.

So anyway, I see her there. Damn, she is hot. I walk by without acknowledging
her and open a set of 8s. These fucking chicks are BORING AS HELL. I try really
hard to get them excited, but they look as though they are DEAD. I tell them
this, then leave.

A little later, I'm coming around the corner and the nine is there, I pretend
to be frightened and say, "HOLY SHIT, you scared the shit out of me."

She stops me and starts all in on me. It is BIZARRE, she won't let me leave,
she is getting really close to me and up in my face. I just pick up where we
left off the last time, just vibing, burrowing into deep rapport and telling a
couple stories conveying how cool I am (for example, I tell her the "They
Always Are" FR from the previous night).

She is getting so close to me, I am like BACKING UP and stuff. I have to stop
myself from backing away. I'm thinking, "Why is she so attracted? This is
WEIRD. Is she drunk?" I ask her, she says she's not, she tells me how cool I am
and how different I am from everyone else, etc.

Dude, she is literally two inches from my face.

I give her candy. She then asks me if she has chocolate on her teeth, I say no,
she asks if her teeth taste like chocolate. I kiss her. I kiss her again. I cut
it off and say, "Whoa, what's going on? You make me feel so weird! We're not
like this, we're good people, it's the liquor! We gotta ban this stuff..."

I sit down with her. She's putting her legs on mine, she buys me a drink. WHAT
THE FUCK... this is waaaay too easy for a chick this hot, something is strange.

The lights come up and we go outside arm in arm. She gives me her number
without prompting. I walk her to her car. She tells me she'll give me a ride. I
get in her car, and she drives the short couple of blocks to my house. I
didn't invite her in because I had to get up at 6am. But I made out with her
some more, not TOO MUCH (to avoid buyer's remorse if she really was drunk), and
then went in.

In retrospect, I guess I just must have really gotten under this girl's skin
last time with the hardcore rapport shit... I mean, until the mistake with the
AMOG, it was PITCH PERFECT. And the fact that I didn't chase her, or
acknowledge her first at the club, cemented my "different" status. She must
have been thinking about me all week or some shit.

And I thought it was OVER. Kaput. Huh.

I feel like I am the shit. I was screening her so hard, she passed every test.
This girl could be the new primary!



what's the difference between us? we can start at the penis; or we can scream
"i just don't give a fuck" and see who means it.

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