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Field Report: lesbian part 2

mASF post by PlayboyNZ

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Field Report: lesbian part 2
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mASF post by "PlayboyNZ"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

ok now. for those of you who have read my previous fr regarding my bday sarge,
this is just a continuation.

me: we will not talk , i'm done with talking

her: i need to tell you something before its too late. i'm not a heterosexual


after few days we organise to go to the ball.....after about a couple of

7:30 pm: she comes over and we go for dinner and dance with my work mates( what
we call a ball)

she is holding hands with me. we are all cool . i have had a few to drink and
she has had 2 beers as well. she is looking lovely and everyone is admiring
this hb. she is an 8 at least. second best ass after jennifer lopez that i have
seen. great silky hair. tender soft skin and a GREAT smile. nice boobs( i saw
them later, and which led me to pain in my dick the following morning)

we had a great time at the ball we were with each other talking to each other
most of the time and i will only mention what happened at 1:00 am when she came
back to my place and all the shit tests involved.

her (in the bus): i should go to my place, and not come to your place( with a

me: sure if you want to. but you'l have to it is i had a nine to five
day. i'm tired anyway..and that will enable me get good sleep.

her: just looks at me

me: dont be silly

we reach at my place and i'm totally relaxed. we go to my room and i offer her
a massage if she gives me back one. so i give her and she starts giggling. i
convince her to remove her top off as i can not massage properly with her..she
says, u can undo the bra if that is a problem. i undo it.. now i'm going to put
on some music

hb: i'm off to the toilet

me: ( thinks she is getting horny)

hb: (comes back)..i think i should probably leave.

me: what happened

hb: i dont want to be having massages with my top not on it is just not
right..hb goes and opens door to leave

me: look . dont be silly. sit down. lets talk.

hb: ( sits down)

me: you know, if you are playing any games with me, quit. i'm moving on now. i
cant take any more of this. one minute you show like your into me one minute
not. now you told me that your dad treated you badly, and whatever the
conditioning you've been through. most men are not bad. i'm not a relationship
guy , but i'm always there to make ppl smile and that is my part in life. I am
like a butterfly who would sits on your hand and makes you smile. u dont want
anything from it and you dont want to posses it, it only makes you smile and it
flies away..that is what my part in a relationship is.

her: ( listening) aske me: tell me about your childhood. was it rough.

me: (i try to hold her)

her: first tell me about your childhood. i told you about my life and the fact
i'm a lesbian and this is the shortest amount of period it has taken me to say
this to someone new

me: i told you before. sometime u know i feel we humans are conditioned totally
wrong. i sometimes believe we should be more free( ignoring her current vibe of
ljbf land vibe) and totally lose ourselves in the moment. like birds..sometimes
i feel i should have been an animal

her:( ddb look). i was thinking exactly the same thing today in the morning.

me: anyway, lets carry on with the masssage , you owe me one

her: ok..

she gives me a shit massage as her fingers are super feminine and they are like
if you apply more force they might break...she has lovely cute fingers...

me: (facing her) kinoing her on her legs, through her hair, go in for a kiss.
have lip contact but no kiss. she pulls away.

me: omg , you just wrecked a moment. shit.

her: its getting late

me: you can crash here if you want.

her: where

me: on the roof..duh..obviously on my bed

her: ok...

she sleeps besides me and i'm holding her hand while trying to kiss her but we
end up talking for a long time.we do role play and i repeat her story of how i
met up with her( at a busstop) and how far we have got.. she tells me she will
continue in the morning

me:( looking into her while lying next to her...).. i'm going to kiss you...

her: if we do, i'll feel nothing at all, and you'll feel good. remember i'm

me: i turn around and say g'nighg

her: ( after 45 minutes)..aphro..whispers..

me: look back at her...thinking it is an ioi. well i was wrong.

her: ok g'night

me : g nighg

dick status: 90 degrees for the coming few hours. imagining what could be
happening.i eventually fall asleep

in the morning she wakes up and calls her mom

her: 'hey mom i'm at aphro's place and it was a great ball and i never had a
ride home. i crashed on the couch and i'm all safe. '

me: do you want some tea before you leave

her: actually i should make you some.

me: no i'm not in the mood...but i guess i'll see you around...

she goes away wearing my t shirt and pair of shorts. she just puts on her dress
and leaves while i watch that juicy ass of hers and excellent pair of legs..

me: i wank and go back to bed...

guys this has been one of the most....weird...weird..experience. what do you

should i dump the bitch?

is she lesbian?

comments/ suggestions would be appreciated..

best regards...

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