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alphaness vs female friends

mASF post by Jimbo

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alphaness vs female friends
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mASF post by "Jimbo"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, July 7, 2005

On 7/17/05 4:26:00 PM, silver_evlis wrote:
>ok yeah man i know i'm a bit
>confused...but how abt trying
>to make female friends from a
>cold approach...i'll have to
>crash and burn.
>basically i'm foreign in my
>community with a very small
>social circle...

Why do you belive you have to crash and burn?.

You think so because you feel afraid of being rejected. you just want to find a
"safety" way to make a social circle without exposing your ego. So the way you
feel about meeting people being an stranger for the community is limiting your
chances. That's all.

>what i'm trying to say is that
>for me to expand my social
>circle of females, i cold
>approach, crash and burn, then
>LJBF them...that's the hard

You are doing it the wrong way. Stop cold approaching. "Warm" your approached
instead. Think of ways of getting to know people without making excuses. What
about joining a club or organized activity?. Take art classes, enroll a gym,
get into dance courses, whatever.

Why not approaching a group you perceive as friendly and just say "Hi, i'm a
foreign guy here for holidays/whatever reason. What places can you guys
recommend me to meet people?". That is not cold. It's warm. You are making
clear you want to meet people because you need to meet people. What's wrong
with that?. You are a social been. You have social needs. Some people might
look at you like a dork and laugh their asses on your face?. Their fucking
problem. They then filter out themselves as people you don't want in your
social circle.

If a group gives you some suggestions just follow them. If they are the kind of
friendly people anyone would like to know, they will help you in getting into
their group. Just chill out and relax. Be natural. Don't act pushy or needy.
Chances are you will see them some other days and have the chance to say "Hi,

In summer it's particularly useful to bring a volleyball ball with you to the
beach or pool and open sets with "Wanna play?"... Or bring a kite and ask for
help, or beach-racquets or whatever shit you may think could help you in
meeting people.

Learn yoga, get into a basketball team, whatever. Talk to regulars in clubs you
go often. Then as you are introduced to HBs, be social and befriend them.
That's all.

Don't stress yourself in making friends. It shall happen naturally if you only
create enough opportunities for you to meet people.

>what i'm trying to attain is
>some pretty chicks that stay
>in my circle, somewhere along
>the lines of a friend, yet
>with a decent amount a sexual
>tension in each relationship,
>for me to fuck anytime i
>choose. i'll basically have to
>rotate them. and all this
>executed from cold
>as far as male friends and
>unattractive females, i'll
>just keep em around to chill
>and relax.

This doesn't work this way. First befriend people. Then and as you meet them
and see how they fit into your social circle, decide what kind of relationship
you want with them. You can't make friends just thinking from the very first
moment if the specific person may be useful for your purposes. First open
yourself to meet people. Then select those who fit better with what you want.

IOW, your perspective of things is being influenced way too much from what you
are learning about "the game". Not everything in life has to gravitate around
"fucking HBs". Relax. Meet people. Make friends. Improve you sexual life. But
don't let your need for a better sexual life "to impregnate" everything you do.



"The reason of the unreason that afflicts my reason, in such a manner weakens
my reason that I with reason lament me of your comeliness." - Don Quijote de la

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