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Lay Report: Double Virgin Lays (Part 1)

mASF post by Nineteen84

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Lay Report: Double Virgin Lays (Part 1)
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mASF post by "Nineteen84"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

LR: Double Virgin Lays(PART 1 - Brainfreez will write his version of events)

I spot two cute looking girls in the carrage next to the one I have reserved. I
tear up my reservation and decide to sit with them for the 7 hours between
Krakow and Vienna.

I currently interailing around europe alone and I was heading over to Krakow to
visit magnus and brainfreez.

One girl was english but lived in france, the other was french but with good
english. They were 17(HBEnglish) and 18(HBFrench) and both interailing like me.
They were both cool to talk to for the journey, but one of them really stood
out to me. At the end of the journey I numberclosed the one I liked.

The next day I call her up and tell her that my friend (brainfreez) is taking
me on a tour of some cool stuff in vienna. They meet up with us and we go to
Schbrum which is a sort of austian palace. Quite picturesque.

At first things weren’t really clicking between us. I had already established a
level of rappot with both of them, and brainfreez (it was his first time
meeting them) was running attract game. It was a hot day and brain was sort of
overheating so he decided to chill in the shade on his own while I took them to
the top of this hill thing which you can see the whole of vienna from. As we
got to the top of the hill HBFrenglish decided she wanted to sit down on her
own for a bit so me and HBEnglish went to the top of this building thing
together. I was wondering if the girls intentionally planned on isolateing me
with HBEnglish. The view was beautiful and I got some good deep rapport talk
going with her. We went back down and picked up her friend and brainfreez.

On the way back brainfreez had recalibrated to the situation and was performing
well. We took them back to magnus and brains flat and chilled/ate with them.
Brain ran some awesome game on his girl by getting her to read forign books and
help him cook etc. They went home and we arraged to meet them that night.

Both these girls weren’t really clubbing girls. In some ways they (mine
especially) were quite bohemian (not in the unattractiveway). We took them to
Soho Bar (which is dance/pop, but cheap drinks). We pretty much isolated them
straight away and I got into deep rapport with my girl discussing the social
dynamics of clubs. I talked about how peoples insecurities really show at clubs
and that these girls that dress skimpy and dance on bars are validation seeking
because they are insecure. This was a sort of covert complement to her in that
I implied that she was secure in herself because she didn’t need to do these
things to feel happy. I tried to kiss her at this point but she said she
couldn’t and that it was “too soon”. I didn’t persue it at this point. Started
probeing to ffind out what sort of girl she is. Turns out shes a virgin, has
had a few boyfriends but nothing serious.

Brain and his girl who were near us had dissappeared I decided to take my girl
to B72 because it played indie music which we are both into. On the way to B72
we run into brain and HBFrenglish. They talk in french and probably had a
convosation along the lines of “What have you done so far?”, “kissed him”. I
assumed at this point they were gonna stick together, but mine carried on with
me to b72 and brains carried on with him to a hookah bar. She was holding my
arm and acting close all the way to b72 after that.

Once we got into b72 she practicly jumped me to kiss. I get a call from brain,
hes taken his back to the flat. Mine is getting seriouly horny so I decide to
take back to the flat too via taxi. Magnus is in and im sleeping on his sofa,
he wants to go to bed. My girl literally helps me lift the sofa which im going
to be with her on into the hall. Heavy making out, I finger her, she gives me a
her this night, neither did brain. They have to go to budapest the next day.

Few days later I get a call. “HEY, we might come back to vienna for a day or
two if that’s ok with you guys”.

I book a room to myself. They come over, we take them to Musiums Quatier and
chill for a few hours. Take them back to the flats. We both lay them with
little to no LMR. My theory is that they planned on loseing their virginitys

I dunno about brain, but I’m quite into my girl and she lives in london so im
hopefully gonna continue to see her.



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