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Lay Report: I got me a new FB

mASF post by MasterP

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Lay Report: I got me a new FB
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mASF post by "MasterP"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Hey guys, I just noticed how in the beginning of FR you have to babble a bit
about your life (If you're doing well then how good you have become, yada
yada...), so here goes a bit:
Lately I've hung out for a weekend with Natural. This guy is simply put,
natural. He has direct, down to earth thinking style, and the same goes for his
approach. 2 main things I've learned from him:
1. Natural flow of conversation. You don't have to worry about anything when
you got the confidence and BL. You can open with "Hey, what's up?", and let the
girls push the convo. Do nothing but flow with them. What this does is prove to
them you are a fun, cool guy, and they should be working for your attention.
2. Direct Mid-Game. Ever get stuck in mid-game not 100% sure if you will end up
with a lay or not? Well if this is your goal, just state it. "Hey, I may bring
out a boyfriend material vibe, or maybe just a friendship vibe, but I'm not
interested in either. I'm looking for a lot of fun, and mainly a physical
connection." You're skeptical if this works? Test it out. It filters the girls
that won't sleep with you unless you put a huge amount of effort in. Some of us
don't like that ;-)

The LR:
I've met this girl, while in the army. She was in the same department as me,
and did I mention she is an officer? Anyway the first time we met, we we're in
a conference, and I was just being me, C&F playful and confident guy. I was
joking and teasing around, and it got her really excited. After the conference
she mentioned she had to buy a bag for her brother. (Isolation hint). So we
walked together to eat a sandwich in the mall, and then shopping for a bag.
Key points here (And a H-U-G-E thanks to TD for his entire playful posts, and
to Kooper as well):
1. Roleplaying - I was the brother, and we were shopping for me. It was a blast
with a lot of teasing, getting into a play, and generally laughing around with
the sellers.
2. Massive amounts of Venue-Changes. We were moving all the time, which was a
huge comfort builder.

--> Fast forward to Meet1. (Day2)
I called her and said I'd be dropping by her house since it was in my way. I
got in, and there was her male-guy friend. He was ok (Very AFC, no threat). I
was just being laid-back C&F and did a lot of storytelling. Anyway I sensed it
wasn't going anywhere so after about 1 hour I called it a night and left. Did I
forget I got her doing me a massage which was the pre-requisite for me visiting

--> We talked for a while on the phone, and when I noticed us kind of stalling,
I sent her the following SMS:
"Hey, I think I sent you the wrong vibe. I'm not looking for a friendship or a
serious relationship."
She sent me:
"I just wanted to ask something about the army [General non-sense]".
I didn't reply.

--> Then no contact for a week, and then I got an SMS:
"I still want you..."

Now didn't I tell you? Straight to the point. We talked and it turned out she
wasn't home, so we said we'll talk next weekend.

The following weekend, we sent several SMS and then I got this:
"Hey, I'm don't think we should meet, forget about what I wrote..."
I sent an SMS: "Whatever, but I still want to talk to you, call me."
She called and we talked on the phone for a while, and then I said I want to
see her, she said she doesn't feel the same way as she sent me the message, and
she knows I'm just after sex. I ignored and plowed. I said I'm coming to meet
her, and she doesn't have to worry, nothing will happen.

--> I got to her house, and brought a board game to just play and have fun. I
beat her twice, and then we switched to watching TV. We were both lying on her
bed, and I started light kino (arm touching), while she was on the phone. She
kinoed me as well. I upped the kino, and then she said:
"You know nothing will happen". I said "Yep".
She kept on repeating that. I agreed and continued. At one point I said:
"You know absolutely nothing is going to happen".
She looked shocked. I reversed the frame!
"Why?" she asks. I said "Just because". Lol, frame stolen.

We start making out, and then she says:
"You know I'm religious, I can't have sex until the marriage". I say "What
you're serious?", although continuing to make out. She says "No, but actually
I'm half-religious, you figure out what that means". Yep she's a virgin.

I say "Oh ok", and am not affected by it. She says: "I want you to be my
first". I said "I want to be your first".

We continue making out, clothes come off, I play with her pussy, and had to
instruct her how to give me a handjob. She didn't know what to do. BTW I
surprised her with my 1 handed pull-off her bra. (BIG THANKS TwentySix).
Had a bit of sex, and then I cummed on her breasts. And damn her pussy was
tight. I sure did mention it to her (A whopping thanks to Alessandro!!!!!!).
Life is good. Oh yeah, yesterday, I got an sms: "I had a fun time, we should do
it again". Yeah, we sure will!

Key points to lay:
-C&F playful attitude
-Laid-back attitude.
-Direct mid-game. Take it or leave it.
-Being totally honest.
-Agree and continue + Reverse Frame for LMR

Thanks to:
-TD, Kooper, 26, Alessandro and whoever else I didn't mention, but owe
everything I know to.
-Your mom. She rocks!!!!


I want to marry you, but in the same way the little kids do it, so they don't
mean anything... But we can dress up and have lots of fun, just don't go around
telling people we got married...

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