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Lay Report: New LMR tech!

mASF post by Dimitri

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Lay Report: New LMR tech!
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mASF post by "Dimitri"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Don't have inclination for full write-up. I have a half-written LR on a
Japanese nurse from Manhattan sitting on my PC at home, and maybe I'll finish
that when I get back to the States. For now, here's new LMR tech:

For girls travelling in foreign countries:

"Did you meet any cute (this country's nationality) guys?"

If she says yes, roll with it and extract the traits and get them applied to
yourself. But the odds are in favor of her saying no, especially if she hasn't
been in the country long.

If she responds "no," which they will most of the time,
"Did you want to?"

If she says no, you can lightly tease her. If she says yes, you nod, smile,
touch her, etc. You're basically asking via this line of questioning if she was
looking to get fucked... but you're being subtle. I wouldn't recommend "Did you
meet any hot American guys?" if you're an American somewhere, but "Did you meet
any hot German guys?" in Germany... harmless, right? Wrong! When she says yes,
she's verbalized that she was looking for sex. If she says no, you didn't lose

After you're kissing, touching, etc, you have your dick out. She's touching it.
You bring the ol', "Would you give me a little kiss?" while looking down.
Old-school, killer "get a blowjob technique".

She doesn't!? No problem, I have the followup. You wait a few minutes, kiss and
touch her breasts, etc, then "Are you good at giving head?"

If she says "no", then you can use that reason (She's not good at it) as the
"problem" that's preventing blowjob from gonig forward. Therefore, you remove
the problem - You lead her, tell her you'll teach her, and give her exact
commands. This is one of those times when her objection wasn't that, but you
frame her objections into a logical reason, then eliminate that logical reason
in a bit, and that gives her all the permission and straightens out the
emotions for her.

Of course, if she says she is good at it, she just said she's good at sucking
dick. Give her a skeptical look for good measure, then chat some and get back
to what you're doing. Be patient, my student, it'll come...

(no pun intended)

The real killer stuff:

So you've used the above two sets of ideas, and she's committed to wanting sex
and said she's good at giving head, or she's presented a valid logical reason
why shouldn't want to. Either way, you can now:

"Kiss me."

and touch your lips.

She will.

"Kiss me."

and touch the corner of your mouth, where your lips meet your cheek.

She will.

"Kiss me" and touch right below the corner of your mouth (and above your beard,
if you have one).

This is the deciding kiss. It's still harmless at this point, but if she does
this one, she's going down on you.

From there, you touch your neck in two spots, your chest, nipple, down your
stomach, above your pubic hair, bottom of your dick, slightly up the shaft, and
tip - and I think you get the rest of it.

Never letting them stop:

Killer, heavy stuff: "No, baby, don't stop. You don't stop doing something that
feels so good, baby... Don't tease baby, I don't like being teased and you're
so good. Go on, keep going, just like that. You're the best baby."

Guide her with your hands as you speak.

Moving to sex:

She won't let you near her pussy, eh? Even after all of this? Work your hands
down, then when she stops you, say, "No, no... I just wanted to kiss and touch
and... lick... you. We shouldn't, though. But wouldn't it be so amazing?
Couldn't you... just... feel my tongue inside of you, licking you, caressing
you? ..."

Make it vivid. If she's to your side and leaned over while blowing you and you
say this, you can work your hands to her pussy. If she's below you, just keep
talking sexually like that. There's a good chance she'll get all worked up, and
jump on you herself.

Also, misc. good tech:

"We can't have tonight... I only have safe sex, and I don't have a condom with
me. I didn't... think something like this ould happen tonight."

The first time I had to use that, it was true. Now I say it all the time...
then we're naked and kissing and licking and such, and, whoops, I do have a
condom! What're the odds?

As an added plus, sometimes, SHE'll bust out a condom. How's that for making
her do some of the work?

And a last note, the double-edged sword of being tired:

Being tired can be really good or really bad for your game. Last night, it put
a sleepy sense of urgency in my game. Like, "this has to go down because I'll
be alseep soon". However, two nights ago, my last night in London, I fell
asleep mid-LMR with an Uzbecki Muslim girl. Now, I don't know about y'all, but
having my game work out with a British girl last night is nowhere near a fair
trade for losing a girl from Uzbeckistan. I mean, how the fuck am I going to
check Uzbeckistan off the list without going there? *sigh*

Optimum tiredness is tired enough that bullshit rolls off your shoulders, but
not so tired you're in danger of passing out.

Full, quick breakdown of last night:

Check into hotel.
Looking, smelling poorly from travel. Hair messy.
Two British girls are neighbors.
Game them to the point where they like me, but not so much that they'd
potentially cockblock if I bring another girl home later.
Go out.
Get numbers/do my thing here.
Come home late.
Knock on British girls' door, intending to go in with, "How's my favorite
British girls doing?" and trying to fuck one or both of them.
No answer.
Knock again.
No answer.
Head to my room, undress.
Here creeping around in the hall outside.
Put pants, shirt on, walk outside.
British girl.

Important note: I tried to bring her back into her room, but her friend was
asleep. Both girls were feeling me, and I thought I'd try for some crazy
threesome or something.

Friend is asleep, no dice.
That said, this awake girl now trusts me, my intentions, I seem non-needy (I
tried to UNisolate her when I met her).
Comes back to my room.
Stuff was already strategically placed on everything that could be sat on
except my bed (I'm the man.)
We sit on bed.
Talking, lightly touching.
Me: "It's so bright in here and it hurts my eyes. Mind if I turn the light
Lights off.
Sitting in bed in dark.
Talking for a moment.
Easy kiss.
Lay down.
Me: "May I unbutton your shirt?"
Her: "You probably shouldn't."
Me: "I agree, that'd take way too long.
Lift her shirt up, start sucking her breasts. Take her shirt off with
unbuttoning it.
Get heavy, start undressing.
She resists at panties.
Begin LMR tech.
Intersperse LMR tech with kissing, some talking.
Relaxed - Cool.
She climbs on top of me, pins my arms, starts passionately kissing me, then,
Her: "I'd better be going now."
Me (legit): "'kay."
She doesn't leave.
Conclude LMR tech.

Grandmaster Dimitri, Swashbuckling Pick-Up Artist-The World's Finest

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