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American Snatch in Florence

mASF post by BrItalian

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American Snatch in Florence
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mASF post by "BrItalian"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Living here Italy it can be a bit of a pisser tryin to close gorgeous Italian
babes so I like to take the less challenging route sometimes.

Last week visited Florence for couple of days to see an Italian 8 friend (fem.)
in town from UK. We met up Tuesday and went for drinks in semi-touristy
area. This time of year it's crawling with tourists and American snatches are
backpacking and visiting with their mommies and poppies etc.
Anyway, the bar is fairly cool (and cool) and people are chillin, on designer
couches, stools etc. Quite a number of couples, a strange mix of Italians and
tourists in the place but it has an air of potential about it. It's dual tiered
a mezzanine hanging over the main floor. Upstairs upon entering I see two
heads of blonde hair draped over the railings. I immediately think Nordics
and concentrate on my friend. After 20 mins or so I go for a piss upstairs and
pass the girls who are of similar ranking 7.5-8.5 with brash yank accents.
They remind me of the teeny bubblegum movie snatches in the tacky
hollywood crap. Or cheerleader types. Great skin and perfect teeth etc. Great
BJ lips both of 'em but .. (here's the killer) they're with their parents. The
look fairly liberal, babyboomer types so maybe an angle later.
Anyhow, leaving the pisser one of them is waiting for me to exit the tiny
unisex room. She's slimish with a little puppy fat, about 5'9'' (I'm 6'2') and
stacked and I smile big and make a joke about the greedy mosquitos so
better cover up in there, hold door for her and little kino on the right arm to
usher inside. She clicks to my accent and giggles. I get back to my friend.
After 10 mins with my friend the girls and their parents descend stairs and
pay then hang around inside the door talking. Short while their parents leave
and the girls come and sit on lower floor about 5m away at 10o'clock to me.
They chat and toilet girl constantly makes lingering EC. My friend is clearly
good social proof. As my friend doesn't have to be anywhere soon, I get her
agreement to be my WING. (We have history and she gets my lifestyle and
variable agrees and disagrees with it...). She speaks good english but can
fake 'non capisce' when required. She 'dumbs down' and as the yanks haven't
heard her voice over the sufficiently loud music, throws up her hands in mock
despair and enlists their help with a smile nobody has ever refused. The yank
snatches come over and the toilet 8 sits to my left, knee touching, and her
7.5 friend diagonal across, next to my friend. I skit on the translation
confusion of a basic phrase and ask the yankees' opinions. 2 minutes later
and the language barrier is no problem and my friend fluency has even
increased without apparently being noticed by the blondes. I do c&f - which I
love to be allowed to get away with -with the toilet snatch and she feigns
shock at the layers of double-entendre and blatant suggestions, but laughs
and doesn't show the remotest sign of going anywhere. Anyway, her kino and
BL are contradicting any mock shock or horror she displays...She is laying on
the arm and leg kino now and I up the ante by fondling her cute earrings and
their origin. Her sister is talking to my friend during this and I never
her eyeing us jealously or otherwise. Turns out they're in town to check out
art schools for new term and combining with a holiday. Cutting to the chase:
we go to look at a cool fresco in adjacent street I passed when arriving . In
cool off-street quadrant as these things often are, I bullshit riff on the age
and antiquity of the place knowing she knows SFA anyway. I take her hand
and whisper shit into her ear from behind with no resistence WHATSOEVER,
and then massage waist and slip hand into panties slowly (she has on a mid
length flimsy cotton skirt thing). I figure she's either gullible as fuck and
impressed by all my shit or a filthy school girl with a dire shortage of pocket
money.... I settle for the first and escalate the fondling. I feel wetness
her panties and suggest we get more comfortable in one of the near pitch
black alcoves round the edge of the quadrant . She says nothing and follows
my masterful lead. We sit facing each other and start heavy kissing and I
direct her hand to my growing hard on. She shows no LMR, so I pull her
towards me and get her to straddle and after a little more lubrication slip
inside her on the deathly cold stone slab. I walk her back to the cafe and she
does a convincing job with the art references. Later, walking away with my
friend, I was still reeling from how easy it was. Taking candy etc. The next
day made 3 more yankee snatches and number closed 'em with good
prospects for 2 who are touring the country till september. I wish the
beautiful Italian babies were as easy. Porca miseria... Think I'll move to
Florence, or Rome.

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