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Re: “..but I‘m not sleeping with you”

mASF post by zarathustra_fi

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Re: “..but I‘m not sleeping with you”
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mASF post by "zarathustra_fi"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2003

Now I understand better Your question. As a matter of fact You ask a very
important question. By the way I did not notice in the morning who was the
author of this as I was writing fast from work place doing many other things at
the same time.

My experience is this: when You succeed in taking control over her state so
that You are practically leading her to the lay and You are near to get the
close You can go to the close and don´t care so much about the slut defence.
The technique I think is more useful in this situation is PACING. Yes You can
be C&F little bit ( not much ) but pacing will help.

At this point chicks are in a DISSOCIATE STATE. It is like they would be TWO
PERSONS at the same time.

So while You lead the more instinctual part of her to the lay at the same time
You PACE the SUPER-EGO part of her like this:
"Yeah.. I would never believe You could do such dirty things.. think ! We just
got to know each other. That would be awful.."

And in the mean time You go on with the plan to the close like talking to two
different persons at the same time.

For example we had a 3some with a xenophobic chick 2 weeks ago me and a friend
of mine ( we are both italians and live in Finland where part of the
populations is afraid of strangers ). I directed the whole situation in the
bar. It was a master of seduction as at the beginning she was testing like hell
and also was very disappointed we did not tell her from the beginning ( it was
from an ad in the net ) we are strangers.... she kept repeating all the time "I
would never kiss a stranger..".."I would never make love with a stranger.." but
I passed all the tests for me and my AFC friend, also saved him several times
during the time in the bar and after an hour she was "cooked" and invited us at
her home where she tested even more and than when I won all the defences she
came into the 3some, we had lot of fun and at the end she even asked are we
going to meet again.. I have in my communicator the Nazi´s party hymn.. when I
was at the door I even had fun of her and played her that, made the Nazi sign
with the right hand and told her.."Never with a stranger! Sieg Heil!".. We all
laughed.. she is supplicant to us now.. sends e-mail about when are we meeting

But this works only if You succeeded in influencing her instinctual part so
that her "body" is going straightly to the lay with You while her tongue
says:"I am not going to sleep with You.." I am not sure if I am now addressing
Your question in the right way.. correct me if I did not get the point.

"Even the most courageous among us only rarely has the courage for that which
he really knows" Friedrich Nietzsche - The Twilight of The Idols

>I should have explained that better
>I just meant if you get a general slut
>defence, like, 'but i won't be
>doing anything with you'. So when you're
>shifting to the venue where
>you're going to lay her without you
>being explicit that you're leading
>her into sex, even when you are clearly
>roleplaying (leading her
>surface mind) so it doesn't even matter
>to her surface mind that her
>other senses are screaming, "he's going
>to fuck me!", what i've
>gathered from most folks reports is that
>the more you seduce her body
>whilst simply entertaining her mind the
>less desire she has to bring
>up reasons not to fuck you and then try
>to convince herself of those
>reasons. So i am just asking, does it
>matter whether you make up
>something very cool and convincing to
>lead her surface mind with, or
>does it not matter what you throw at her
>to the point that you may as
>well just come out with some stupid or
>silly answer?
>I was thinking of something C&F like,
>'that's okay. You'll be lucky if
>i even talk to you" or the other extreme
>of 'so you mean the donkey
>and the midget foursome i had arranged
>was a bad idea?' or somesuch.
>or are you saying you would get explicit
>about your intentions?
>Perhaps it depends on the chick.

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