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Re: Who are YOU??

mASF post by stevie_pua

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Re: Who are YOU??
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mASF post by "stevie_pua"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, March 3, 2003

Good points Tyler.

I wonder how many guys here have deliberately set out to create an image for
themselves that they want to project to girls/ people in general they are

If you truly become the person you project to the girl you will become
congruent in your interaction with her.

As Major Mark teaches, stop TRYing to be a master of seduction, and instead
just BE a master. Congruence is very important.

What kind of image do you project?

I suppose my own image is of someone who is adventurous and a traveller.
Something similar to what Tyler mentioned about Papa's image. I travel
extensively and meet people from all the world. I talk about that with HBs,
tell stories about places I have been and adventures I have had.

That is one way I try to project my image. I am sure readers on mASF have their
own image of how I come across from my mp3s and photos and posts.

Have you thought of the image YOU are projecting?

"You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals..."

Stevie PUA


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