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Re: Changeable women - advice again.....

mASF post by CheMistrY

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Re: Changeable women - advice again.....
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mASF post by "CheMistrY"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2003

Here's the supplication as I see it.

Supplication=doing something for a chick that is above and beyond what you'd do
for a male friend in the hope that by doing the supplicative act, it will win
her over and get you laid.

You can't get dogmatic with supplication. It's the ATTITUDE of non-supplication
that's important.

In your case she's claiming your not a "gentleman" for not walking her to her
car. let's look at it like this.

Do you walk your male friends to their car when they come over?

Now granted if I lived in the worst kind of ghetto I might walk my male friend
to his car because I'd be worried he might get jumped.

But if you live in a safe neighborhood then why can't she walk her own damn
self to the car?

She wants you to treat her like some kind of medieval princess by doing
"gentlemanly" (read supplicative) acts.

Fuck that, if she wants a supplicative little pussy then tell her to look

You win either way, either she runs back to you or you get out of situation you
don't want to be in to start with.

I may not be the master of seduction (yet) but I do understand the attitude of

ya dig

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