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Re: Where is David????

mASF post by Tom Vizzini

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Re: Where is David????
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mASF post by "Tom Vizzini"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, November 11, 2002

> >
> ><New***k@cj***.net[ ? ]> wrote in message

> Calm down Tom it was just a question. Noo need to get all defensive
> and huffy about it That is the rumor...... that you had stolen Kim
> Mcfarland from the Ross Jeffries, "The Master of Seduction"

Sorry but it is a lie told by those who don't like Ross. If all you have is
rumor then I suggest you get a fact.

> As for your question ......... I'm not ducking anything, I said in a
> post yesterday that I have no idea where David D'Angelo was. I don't
> know the guy, I'm just someone who has his e-book and know it is
> superior to SS.

Sorry not good enough. You know exactly where he is. He is hiding in his
private group. I actually suspect that you ARE him and just trolling the

So why don't you write David and get him in here? Why do you suspect he is

Are you his bitch?

I notice you are STILL ignoring my answer to you about why David and Ross
are no longer friends. Why are you running away from the FACTS. Here they
are again

Here is the unknown facts. Eben, er I mean David get pissed because Ross
seduced someone that David was interested in. I am not kidding. David gave
Ross permission to attempt to play around with some girl. David thought that
there was no way that any woman who would have a choice between him and Ross
would ever do anything with Ross. OOPS.....He miscalculated!!!! David was
very pissed. He could not believe that Ross could succeed. That is the true
untold story.

I am STILL awaiting your response. Here is SOLID proof that Ross outshined
David in head to head competition. Any comment???? Ross BEAT the 'Master of
Cocklessness" :)

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