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Re: Shit, this is FUCKED UP...

mASF post by MrSex4uNYC

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Re: Shit, this is FUCKED UP...
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mASF post by "MrSex4uNYC"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, April 4, 2001

>> >My aim is to make
>> >her FEEL loved and all that shit so she enjoys fucking me, and this was
>> >totally 'not me' in her eyes, so I had to cover it.
>> how do you know she was fucking you BECAUSE you were making her feel
>> were you FAKING "loving" her so you could get laid? were you fucking her
>> tenderly when you wanted to slam that bitch? were you... SUPPLICATING? :)
>WTF!?! Hows that supplicating?

unless I am wrong, we are defining supplication here in the NG as doing
something that you wouldn't ordinarily do while HOPING that it gets you
somewhere with the chick in return. not working on a reward-based system...
like taking her out on a date and HOPING you get a kiss at the end of the
night. like cooking her dinner and HOPING that she fucks you at the end of the
night. I was merely asking if you were FAKING "loving" her in order to get her
to fuck you? there's nothing to feel ashamed about... lots of guys do it.
look at the backstreet boys :)

>Making her feel loved (but not saying I love
>you or anything) is something I see as necessary in order to PU, no?

no. what if a bitch needs to feel DOMINATED in order to want to fuck? if you
make her feel loved, that is not going to help you at all. if you love her,
you will not dominate her because you care about her too much. what if she
needs to feel like you don't care about her at all and that by fucking you, she
can get some of your attention? if you show a chick like that that you care
about her, she will never fuck you because she is already getting the end
result that she wants.

what you need to do is get her to TELL YOU what kind of guy she goes for and
then BE THAT MAN. capture her imagination and lead it. read the materials.

>her feel special, making her feel wanted and special is just something you
>go about doing in order to make her feel comfortable with you, which leads
>to you fucking her, right?

no. once again, it all depends on the chick. I used to fuck other guys' women
because I knew they couldn't start a relationship with me and it would be no
strings attached sex. their men LOVED them. their men made them feel special.
I let them know I was just interested in fucking them and they went for it.
you are talking SPECIFICALLY about bitches that fuck for "love". don't fool
yourself into thinking that they all fuck for the same reasons. some girls
like to be "made love to" and some girls like to be FUCKED. some girls like to
be monogamous, some girls are into group sex and animals. find out what it
takes to turn her on, then DO IT, as long as it is within your own personal
boundaries. what you stated above as a general way of bagging bitches is
BULLSHIT, but it is correct for ONE SPECIFIC TYPE of chick.

>It makes her want you as YOU make her feel this way. Have I missed a
>major suplicating rule here?

not of supplication. your mistake was taking ONE EXAMPLE of how to bag a bitch
and THINKING that it is useful in ALL situations. you have to be flexible.
play it where it lays. tell a goth chick that you love her and care about her
and she will spit in your face before fucking you. use the proper techniques
for different bitches. elicit their values then feed it back to them.

the only reason I brought up supplication is that it seemed like you said you
were FAKING "loving" her in order to get her to fuck. what would have happened
if you had stopped faking it? would she have cut you off sooner? what if you
had fucked her however YOU wanted instead of however SHE wanted? there is
nothing wrong with determining that your HB9 fucks for "love" and then acting
like you love her in order to get her to fuck you, but that has nothing to do
with skill... that's just LYING :) like when you have one girlfriend and then
don't tell another chick that you are with someone and then you have two
girlfriends. you are a good LIAR... not a master at seduction. that's the
same thing as when guys promise marriage so they can fuck a bitch then when she
gets restless, they get an engagement ring and get to fuck her for another 4 or
5 years then they call the whole shit off before the marriage. the chick
THOUGHT she was fucking her husband, but she was just being leased like a car
:) that doesn't make the guy a PUA. he merely understood which carrot to hold
out in front of her to make her fuck and suck for A LONG TIME :)

>Also, I try to end my relationships with no one despising the other, that
>way, if I need her in the future (to put in a good word at her future firm,
>to pivot for me, to lend me someting I want - non sexual stuff basically)
>she'll happily help me.

that's fine. you will be better off managing her relationship expectations in
the beginning than after the fact.

>If I end with 'Fuck me or I'll fuck off' in words,
>this future oppurtunity will dissapear as she'll hold me to my saying 'fuck
>off if your not fucking me. I could just stop seeing her if she stops
>fucking me, and that way it's disguised as a 'we drifted apart' kinda thing.

you are still too concerned with looking like you are not doing what you SAID
you were going to do. are you ashamed? do you not do whatever YOU want to do?

you don't tell her "fuck off". you merely explain to her that her benefits are
a function of her sexuality towards you. it is a trade-off. if you are not
getting what you want from her, you will get it from another chick and that new
chick will gain the benefits that the old one will lose... such as talking
about driving tests. she has a BOYFRIEND. she DUMPED YOU! and you are afraid
to tell her that since she is not going to be fucking you anymore, you are
going to fuck and spend time with other women? ugh.

you are going to DISGUISE it as "we drifted apart"? you didn't drift ANYWHERE!
SHE *DUMPED* YOU! apparently, your roles are reversed here. what happened to
you normally happens to the chick. you BELIEVED that you would be friends with
her forever, and when your usefulness ran out, you are now trying to maintain
YOUR OWN LIMITING BELIEF that you would be together until you got old and died
together by claiming that you drifted somewhere. she CUT YOU OFF dude...

here's a test. ask your "friend" that you "drifted apart from" to lend you
$20. I don't think she'll do it :) 20 MEASLEY dollars. I'm SURE you have
spent much more than that on her. give her little tests to SEE if you have any
"friendship" left :)

>> if I were you, I would tell her to hook me up with some of her horny
>> girlfriends because of hre breaking your contract. she won't do it
>because she
>> doesn't have to AND she would be getting rid of her BACKUP dick, but it's
>> a try since she MAY feel guilty about dumping you the harsh way she did.
>Ha ha, I was working on this WHILE we were still fb's! I got to know some of
>the girls in her uni halls (where they all live - a girls block!), but
>wasn't ever with any of them long enough to get a decent PU started, but if
>they saw me again, they'd definitely recognise and converse. Her halls are a
>20 mile drive from my house though, so I'm not there that often : (

oh I see. so you can spend HOURS posting on the NG, but you won't spend 30
minutes driving to their area to meet and potentially fuck REAL LIFE BITCHES
that you have already been introduced to? think about it dude. your
priorities are backwards.

>> >I'm not gonna call or mail or anything until she shapes
>> >up, and if she doesn't, I wont have to put up with her asshole games.
>> that's fine as long as you remember that she keeps getting laid during
>> time and you do not.
>Ok, that's true, but I'm hoping that will push me out into the PU field more
>(I discussed this in a previous post where I wasnted to ditch HER as it
>might help me in the long run).

it WILL help you in the long run. you got the experience from being with her,
now go use that experience on more bitches IN REAL LIFE. having steady pussy
completely affects your style and decisions when you PU.

>Her sex isn't that great, but it's sex from
>a 9 so that makes it better - am I fucked up or what!?!

no. as long as you know what really turns you on. some guys are turned on by
bodies, some by faces, some by sexy personalities, some by fame, some by

>I can get 7's or
>minus (they come to ME in clubs and shit, or make it easier for me to
>approach etc, I just dont coz I really couldn't PU a chick who I don't find
>find attractive) without much effort, it's just that I'm a FUSSY BASTARD and
>have this want for top quality LOOKING women, who I find a lot harder as
>they're used to all the shit from guys who wanna fuck em, and they also tend
>to be a bit stuck up knowing they look good etc.

that's the trade-off for having TASTE. everybody wants the girls you want, so
you have to be BETTER than them to land the bitches. read the materials.

nobody but guys that are going strictly for numbers and guys that like the pure
physical sensation of sex wants to fuck a string of UGs in their sexual careers

>> she caught you dude. what she said was STATE-DEPENDENT and you fell for
>> during the time that you were her sexual outlet, she felt FRIENDLY towards
>State dependent meaning that she was acting on her state of mind at the time
>of saying that shit? Is that right?

right. her being your "friend" was based on her wanting you for sex... whether
she noticed it or not.

I used to think I "liked" bitches I was fucking. as soon as I wasn't
interested in them sexually anymore, I didn't give a fuck about them at all.
WHERE did the "liking" go? I never liked them in the first place. I wanted to
fuck them, and that made me act a certain way towards them that *I*
misinterepreted as liking them. now I know differently and I am not surprised
when I get disinterested in a chick after fucking her. I am alson not
surprised when I have feelings of "friendship" with bitches I don't even know
because it is the chemical effects of limerance :)

>> you like she did and breaking your agreement? then ask yourself if she is
>> intelligent enough to know this. if she is, then she did it on purpose.
>> she isn't, you might be able to enlighten her by telling her about it, but
>> don't think she gives a fuck and you will be feeding her ego to let her
>> that you still care about her and want to make out with her after she
>> swallowing her boyfriend's cum.
>Ha ha, this girl is naieve man, I SERIOUSLY doubt she has a clue...

then you can probably get her dumb ass to get back with you then, while she is
still fucking and sucking her boyfriend... since you don't seem to care about
that :)

>> >I agree with that totally. I think this is a case of my mind sayiong one
>> >thing and my dick saying another
>> I think that is completely accurate :) your MIND is telling you that you
>> do without her and your DICK is screaming for you to get her back because
>> are too lazy to go snag ANOTHER hot chick the same way you snagged this
>one a
>> long time ago.
>Congratulations Sex, that's exactly it man. You know how I got this bitch? A
>street walk up (we used to be at the same school though so we were familiar
>with what the other looked like) AND she had a bf at the time too! I somehow
>managed to get sexual with her and then she broke up with him and got with
>me. That was BEFORE I knew about ASF too, at the tender ass age of 17, ha

now that you remember all those good feelings you had when you just walked up
to her and made her into your fuck-slut for a long time, just go out there and
do it again so you can get all those good feelings again... with a NEW BITCH
this time :)

>Shit, I'm seeing how she's fuckin operates....
>Thank for the reply man, as always - I appreciate it.

that's the whole point. see how she operates, then operate her :)

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