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Re: Odious.....An answer to your question

mASF post by Terrorex

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Re: Odious.....An answer to your question
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mASF post by "Terrorex"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, August 8, 2000

>Odious is apparently posting
>accurate, on target quotes and pointed accusations that are being met
>by kindergarten BS


>No point by point address of the accusations?

Then perhaps you missed my posts.

Idious is pissed that he got burnt. He's mad his flames are nothing more then
bad breath. He's angry that his 'evidence' is not 'evidence' when it comes to
who I am, or that I have any connection with the other names on his dream list.
Idious cannot grasp the thought of more then one person not liking him here, or
his butt pal RJ. And, Idious is definetly mad that his arguements over customer
relations, business, etc, were 2 year old attempts at showing some form of IQ.

He tried hard to show me some form of intelligence, and the moron failed. He
tried to conjure up some witty flames, but he made himself look bad each time.
He takes what people say out of context on purpose as his last resort to make a
point / flame. Then when someone ends a post to him with 'your such a moron, Im
kill-filing you'.. he then decided to kill file that person too... and so
called 'unkill-file him' when that same person comes back to post some shit
about his stupid ass a week later.

Idious is a follower, not a leader. He tries, he tries, he makes me laugh. He
is just some lame bald kid that claimes he is a master of seduction, yet spends
24/7 posting to computer messageboards. If this is not what you call lame, then
I dont know what is anymore.

Defending Idious on situations like this can make you look quite stupid.

Learn to read headers, then learn where they can possibly be FAKED. Then get
yourself some modified TR's (if you can; ) and see who is who. Until then,
don't assume I, nor any other person here, is the same.

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