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Re: Lawsuit Update

mASF post by The Tusk Conglomerant

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Re: Lawsuit Update
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mASF post by "The Tusk Conglomerant"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, June 6, 2000

>>Looks like those pics were taken at a comic/sci-fi
>Yep...I find that large public events are a great place to meet
>women. Concerts, conventions, festivals, fairs ...all are great
>places to meet women.

Any place outside the house is a place to meet women ;-)

>Plus there is the added bonus that, if you are at an event that
>you like, and you meet a woman at said event, then chances are
>good you might have something in common.

So true..

>If I meet a chick at the Jim Rose Circus show, I know that we
>both know who rubber band man is. Such little tid bits make it
>easier for one to break the ice and create rapport.

Having dated two asian females, I found I stood a better
chance of getting closer and getting the occasional date
when I was still single would be another example...

>>At least Odious can get a REAL women
>>to stand within 10 feet of him for a picture.
>>Social skills are very important and those who would
>>tell you otherwise should be taken with a grain of
>I've never claimed the pics show that I'm some super sex
>machine. THose who assume that is supposed to be the
>signifacance of those pictures, only reveal just how little they
>know about the fundamentals of seduction. In fact I've openly
>stated I only had sex with 2 of those 20 women. Because sex
>wasn't my goal. My goal was to hone rapport skills and to show
>that yes you can meet a lot of women very quickly and gain
>enough rapport to have them doing things like rubbing their tits
>on you and flashing their panties.

I wasn't trying to imply anything about those pictures, only
the fact that you can say you actually stand a chance in real
life with real live women, where someone like... say, Ray has
yet to prove otherwise.. he is a master of seduction is he not?.
Pictures of women (fake or not) from another state, and
claims of phone sex are nothing in comparisson.

Not that anyone is holding their breath (a sure way to die).

>How many other guys in here have even met 20 new women in one
>afternoon, let alone got pictures with them?

Not many.. but then again, most guys would not have the balls..
something as simple as "fear of rejection" is what holds the
single male population to the ground.

If they would only lose that one FEAR, the world would be
a much different place.

One image that comes to mind: Keanu Reeves in the Matrix when
he took the red pill, and found himself surrounded by a popular
enslaved and not even aware of it.

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