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Re: Hypnotic patterns

mASF post by BlueOne

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Re: Hypnotic patterns
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mASF post by "BlueOne"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, June 6, 2000

juancito <jua***o@no***.com[ ? ]> wrote in article
<kmo***t@4a***.com[ ? ]>...
> On 25 Jun 2000 00:43:37 GMT, "BlueOne" <blu***0@ya***.com[ ? ]> wrote:
> >What I beleive is that
> >NLP stUff is in a lot of cases maybe even the best and most effective
> >of seducing. Sure there are
> >other ways of covert seduction , NLP isn't only one but I really beleive
> >that is the most effective one
> What makes you think this?
Things that I read in this NG , things I read on other related sites ( RJ ,
Maniax , Tony ). Things I
read on other NLP sites. It is true that I didn't put yet in practice power
of using NLP but
there are to much evidence from other people that is very hard to me not to
have this beleif. From the
information which I currently have I don't see any better covert aproach to
seduction than using of NLP
orienteted staff ( mirroring , elicting values , anchoring , patterns ...
).I don't know any other way of succesfully seducing women on consistent
basis no matter how you look or how rich you are. That is
my beleif and is backuped by information I currently have. But you are
probbably much more experience
in this stuff so maybe you have wider perspective than I and you maybe see
things I don't see. So, Juancito , I would like to know what is your
perspective on this subject?

> >Now, I am new to all this and I didn't yet start to
> >using and practicing NLP in real
> >life but through my common sense I beleive in its effectivnes.
> How do you know its effective if you haven't seen in in action or used
> it yourself. An important part of NLP is questioning assumptions.

As I understand so far , an important part of NLP are pressupositions.
My pressuposition is :
NLP is very effective tool in making us unressistable in communication.

My pressuposition is:
NLP is very effective tool in creating states we desire in ourselves and

My pressuposition is:
NLP is very effective tool in installing empowering beleifs in ourself
which will allow us
to go out and take a action.

So final pressuposition is : If I can install in me very empowering
beleifs and if am able to
be unressistable in communication and in creating states I desire in myself
and others I
would be a master of seduction.
I don't see why to question that. I don't want to question that:
I am looking for every possible reason which will back up this
pressuposition. I am questioning
assumptions but limiting one not empowering one. I doubt that when Ross
Jeffries start creating
his model of SS that he start from pressuposition " I doubt that this will
work. I really don't beleive
that this will work because I didn't have seen anybody who is using this in
practice and I didn't have
use this in practice.So it doesn't work." No, he had some pressupositon
probbably similar to mine otherwise that would not be speedseduction.
Without proper beleifs ( " This will work " ) he wouldn't
be ready to pay a price in creating his model of seduction. For me it is
very easy to accept my final
pressuposition becase they are so many people who backuped that beleif (
RJ, Maniax , David Shade ,
and a lots of others.) Now I haven't seem them in real life but I don't
have reason to doubt in that and
also very important : I don't want to doubt something which is empowering
to me.But , hey, that is only
my perspective , I would like to hear what is your perspective? Do you
dissegre with me? Which is your
model of perceiving seduction?

" Hey HBs, the time of BlueOne has come."
( and who are we to argue with God?)

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