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Re: Hypnotic patterns

mASF post by BlueOne

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Re: Hypnotic patterns
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mASF post by "BlueOne"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, June 6, 2000

DC Newbie <foo***o@ba***.com[ ? ]> wrote in article
<240620001506308839%foo***o@ba***.com[ ? ]>...
> BlueOne,
> I like your analytical approach to SS. However, while you are correct
> in noting that there are both covert and overt methods of SS, I think
> you are incorrect to place kino in the second category. Kino is a tool
> that has be used for either method to succeed. When done right, it is
> neither covert nor overt but just "natural." OTOH, when used as a
> deliberate anchor for Pavlovian associations, kino can be quite covert.

I understand that and I agree with you that kino is very important in overt
but also in
covert aproach.

> In my mind, the covert method of SS includes NLP and the like, while
> the overt is more like the GM style which is totally in-your-face
> sexuality.
> Your questions are directed at NLP's hypnotic pattern scripts. These
> are said to be quite effective but you may have noticed that I said the
> covert method "includes" -- not "is" -- NLP. Clearly, there are other
> ways of covertly seducing women than through specialized and patented
> techniques, otherwise the human race would not be so populous.

I understand and agree with this also. But also as I understand once when
we are able to use
NLP staff effectivly in lots of cases we are unressistable to other person.
What I beleive is that
NLP staff is in a lot of cases maybe even the best and most effective way
of seducing. Sure there are
other ways of covert seduction , NLP isn't only one but I really beleive
that is the most effective one( if
we know how to use it).Now, I am new to all this and I didn't yet start to
using and practicing NLP in real
life but through my common sense I beleive in its effectivnes. At the
moment I am in the procces of learning and studying what of NLP to use ,
where , how and when. From my perspective it is to much
of worth to not master it. I really beleive when I will have empowering
attitudes with knowledge of using
NLP staff that I would be master of seduction(read:a lots of sharing of
beautiful moments of life with HB
in my very comfortable bed ).With all of respect to Ross Jeffries and what
he has done I don't think he is
something special. He is one ordinary guy with a very effective model of
perceiving a world.He installs in
him very empowering beleifs ( which is easily done with NLP ) and master
the use of NLP in real life.If he
can do that I know that also I can do that.Everybody who is willing to pay
a price in learning & practicing can do that. And my conclusion is that
looking from covert perspective NLP orienteted staff in most cases are the
most effective. Not only ones but the most effective ones.

> Second, make them laugh. Women love guys who make them laugh. They
> come back to this guy because he makes them laugh. I pointed out that
> this was a classic case of associative anchoring, where women connected
> him in their minds with an elevated state of happiness and fun, and he
> realized that I was right.
> Third -- and this is key -- once the rapport is going, subtlely shift
> the convo to sex. Make a comment about someone's fake breasts and how
> you don't like women with fake breasts. Tell dirty jokes. Get more
> and more ribald and intimate. The more you talk about sex, the more
> women start to get horny. It's inevitable, the same way that talking
> about food makes you hungry. This is one of the basic underpinnings of
> NLP. NLP simply takes it a step further by (1) putting a woman in a
> trance and (2) introducing embedded commands a la Kevin Nealon's
> "Subliminal Man" from Saturday Night Live.
> If there is a point to all this, I guess it is that NLP is not really
> necessary to pull off a covert seduction. However, if you have the
> ability to learn and practice it, you should end up with better SS
> tools at your disposal. I should point out that I don't really know
> firsthand because I have not mastered NLP. I find the theory
> fascinating and convincing but have never observed it in the field.
> Hence my moniker:
> D.C. Newbie

"Hey HBs, the time of BlueOne has come."
( and who are we to argue with God ?)

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