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Lay Report: A Bishop Bi-Fecta Journal Entry

mASF post by New-Alpha

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Lay Report: A Bishop Bi-Fecta Journal Entry
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mASF post by "New-Alpha"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, May 5, 2005

Okay, this "journal entry" needs a little background. In the center of the Hard
Rock Casino, is a circular bar. You can stand pretty much anyplace in the
casino, and just start observing and "tagging" women. The place is ALWAYS busy
on the weekends, and I knew there was a concert on this night (Nine Inch
Nails), which is key, because sexual levels are way high after a concert! So I
knew that there would be A LOT of women, and A LOT of sexual energy flowing
through the place.
Also, me and my wingfem have a trust of each other having a key to the other's
place, with the agreement that we only use the key when the other was aware of
the other coming over beforehand, so as to avoid potential surprise walk ins on
whatever action we might already be into.
Okay, that's it.

Oh, hey, have you signed up to attend the "Cliff's List Seminar" yet? Listen
and learn from me and most of the TOP MASTERS of seduction. I hear there's
going to be a party with many, many, hot looking women. I'll try and leave SOME
of them for the rest of you. LOL (Does Canadian pussy taste like maple syrup?
Just curious.)

Okay, on with the field report...

Field Report Began: April 30, 2005
Field Report Conclusion: April 30/May 1, 2005

The Scene:
The Hard Rock Casino

Initial Approach Used:
Comment on woman's dress

The Details:
Me and my "wingfem" had finished a nice late-night dinner at "The Pink Taco"
(yes, that's really the name of it) and decided to kick back at one of the bars
for a beer. While we sat down, we looked at the bar in the center of the
casino, to see what was lingering there. A concert had just let out a little
bit ago, and many of them tend to flock to the center bar. I noticed a few
potentials, and my wingfem had her eye on a couple as well. This was one of
those nights when she and I were not looking to shag the same woman. She was
dead set on getting a particular couple (male and female) so off she went to
make that happen. I had tagged 3 groups (For you "Fire of Seduction" owners, it
was 3 bowls of meow mix, 2 bowls and 2 babysitters, and 4 bowls and 3
babysitters) I chose to approach the 4/3 group first, as that allowed me to
have maximum affect (Meaning I could talk to one woman, but all 4 would hear
me, thus less work) One of them was a redhead (which are my favorites) so she
got my attention first. She had on an amazing multi-red outfit, which also
caught my attention. So I walked up to her, and said, "Interesting choice."
Then, before waiting for her response, I turned to the 3 guys (the babysitters)
and introduced myself, as if they were my guests and I was the host. I asked
the guys, "Did you see the concert?"
But before they could answer, I turned to one of the three blondes in the
group, who was wearing these heels with a little pouf, boa-type fluff thing in
the middle, and I asked her, "And what's your name, little miss pouf shoes?"
She smiled and told me her name was Dawn.
Then I turned back to the redhead, looked her up and down, and said, "Hmm,
something seems...missing."
Then I turned my attention to the second and third blondes, who I wasn't sure
if they were either twins or sisters, and jokingly said, "If you two have
matching names, like Terri and Jeri..." Then I just shook my head. They laughed
and said that, no, they did not have matching names. Their names were Monica
and Kate.
Then I turned back to the guys, one of whom was visibly irritated. I asked, "I
didn't hear you. Did you say you saw the concert?" One of them said they had
not, that they were just trying to have a good time. One of the other guys
asked me, quite boldly, "What your deal, man? You trying to scam our girls?" I
smiled and said, "Look at me. My face could scare small children and several
breeds of dog. What do YOU think?" He laughed and said, "Just checking." The
redhead asked me, "Okay, so what about my dress? You have a problem with it?" I
looked her up and down and said, "Something just seems, like I said, missing. I
can't put my finger on it. But, hey, it's cute like it is."
Then I just got into some small talk with all of them, and looked at each of
them but the redhead. I found out that the two blondes were sisters a year
apart, and that one of the guys was their brother. And that the redhead and one
of the other guys were dating. The third guy, was just a "buddy" they all knew.
They were all down from California for the weekend. Around this time, my
wingfem text messages me, asking how it's going. I reply back for her to stop
by. So my wingfem comes by, needing no info at all (That's why she's my
wingfem) and says to me, "Hey, there you are." And she gives me a kiss. I
introduce her to everyone, then I said, "I'll be back. Keep them company."

(The purpose of this, is so I can go talk to another group that I've tagged,
while my wingfem keeps the first group in place, talking a little about me, and
priming them for what will happen when I return)

I approached the group of 3 women (3 bowls of meow mix) since they were the
farthest from the first group. 2 guys were talking to them, and it was quite
obvious that they were NOT getting anywhere, so I walked up to them and asked,
"You bought my friends drinks, right?" One looked like he was ready to shit
himself, the other was at least a little balsy and said, "Who are you?" I
smiled and said, "I'll take that as a NO. Well, if you're not going to at least
buy my friends a drink, move on." He called me an asshole, but he and his
friend left. I looked at the women and asked, "So let me hear it. What's the
worst pick up line these clowns have tried on you." Two of them laughed and
debated on the worst, while the third one was totally quiet and looking away. I
knelt down by the quiet one and softly asked, "This isn't your scene, is it?
Your friends dragged you here, and you're wondering when the hell they'll
finally want to leave." She tried to hold in a laugh, but it finally came out
and she looked at them and said with a smile, "I hate smoking. This place
stinks, it's too crowded, and I'll never get the stink of cigarettes out of
this dress." She didn't say it in a bitchy way, but more of an "I'm not having
fun" way. All the same, I didn't feel like dealing with her mood, so I chose to
make it brief and get some contact info for later. I asked them if they were
locals or from out of town. The "downer" babe and one of the others were from
Utah, the other was a local. I told them, "Take your friend someplace where you
can ALL enjoy yourself. You all have a nice energy to you (Looked at "downer"
chick and said...) You have a sparkle of nice energy, you just need better
surroundings. But I have to get back to my group. You seem like you're not
typical airheads, I could be wrong. But I'll take the chance. I want to get
your opinion on something, when we all have the time to really listen." Then I
took out one of the index cards I keep in my pocket, and told the local to
write her number down, and the Utah babes to write their e-mail address down.
The local was hesitant and said, "You want my phone number?" I replied, "That
was just a suggestion. If you know of a better way to get a hold of me, maybe
we should exchange numbers." (Note the odd way I worded that? I have found that
when I say that, the resistance drops, and often she just gives her HER number
without needing mine in exchange) The local babe wrote her number down,
explaining that she has roommates, so I should mention her name if I have to
leave a message.
The "downer" babe wrote down her e-mail address, as she asked, "You're not
going to, like, try and send us stuff to sell us stuff, are you?" I faked a "I
got caught" look and said, "Oh, man, I thought I was going to be able to sneak
my motives right by you. I confess. But it's not products I have for you to
indulge in. I'm really looking to sell you on an alternate reality from what
you're used to. A reality where there are no rules, there are no limits, there
is just child-like fascination for the adventures that might be awaiting you.
But we won't know if you qualify until I learn more about you." The local babe
said, "I like that. That's good." I teased her and said, "Oh, did I fail to
mention, this offer is not valid to Nevada residence. Other restrictions and
penalties may apply. Void where prohibited. Offer may end without notice. Those
who are pregnant, think they're pregnant, looking to become pregnant, or
wanting to latch on to a sugar daddy, should not attempt to get this
adventure." They all laughed and the other Utah babe said, "You're in. We are
definitely talking again." I took the index card with their information and
said, "This is the scene where I swagger off and feel you staring at my ass as
I go." Then I turned around, and went back to my first group.
As I approached, my wingfem had the group cracking up. Good girl. Apparently
she got a little carried away thought, and felt the need to tell them about the
time I was racing some guy (running, not car racing), slipped in some dog shit,
fell to my knee, banging that thing all to hell, and getting dirt and leaves
and junk all over me. The punchline apparently being that it was hard to tell
where the mud ended and the dog shit began. (Oh, how can I stand such a
glamorous life?) But just before I reached up to cover her mouth, she said,
"And he just casually walked, unfazed, as if nothing had happened. Not many
guys can remain that composed after that. That's one of the really sexy things
about him." (The thought of closing her mouth, immediately changed to wanting
to buy her whatever the hell she wanted.) Then she turned to me and said,
"There he is." Apparently, along with telling them of my dog shit facial, she
had told them about my ability to analyze handwriting. Because one of the
blonde sisters asked me, "So you have many sides to you, I hear. Reading
handwriting? That's an interesting subject." So of course they wanted to see me
in action. I told them that I might do it later. Then I changed the subject and
asked, "So has my little spokesperson bored you enough?" My wingfem playfully
pinched me in the side and said, "I bore no one, Mister. Fuck you." I smiled
and said, "Not even on your birthday, sweetness." The guy who was allegedly
dating the redhead, seemed very into my wingfem. His attention was on her every
word, like they were the hand picked verbiage of the heavens. My wingfem knows
I love redheads, so she purposefully stood in to the side, so he would not be
looking in the redhead's direction. I stood in the middle, facing her,
basically blocking his view if he were to look over. At first I just asked her
basic things, like where in California she lives, what kind of work does she do
in California (Works in a law firm, but is not a lawyer or a paralegal. She was
kind of vague) I asked her what does she like about her job, and even got the
blonde sisters in on the conversation, learning what they do, and such. Then,
Dawn (Miss Pouf Shoes) starts in on this really funny story about something
that happened at her work recently (She works for UPS. "The Power of Brown!"
~Sounds like something you flush twice, just to be sure~). The short version is
that one of her co-workers got into this strange conversation with a potential
customer about shipping the ashes of a cat. (I wasn't aware you could cremated
cats, but it wouldn't shock me) Apparently the guy was just not understanding
that "remains" are still remains, even if in ashes form. And apparently the guy
said the ashes HAD to be shipped back to some relative back east, and that if
they tried to stop him he would just say it was some item he sold on ebay, like
a candlestick or brass mug, I suppose. And the co-worker said something like,
"Just make sure to put some kitty litter in with the ashes, so it won't smell."
And the guy allegedly said, "Hey, great idea. Thanks!" (I guess it was one of
those "You had to be there" moments) After they laughed themselves to nearly
pissing themselves, I took redhead's hand, saying, "Let me see your ring." She
had on this nice silver ring that had a few small green stones inlayed around
the band. I didn't compliment it, I just looked at it closely, then casually
let go of her hand. Monica (one of the blonde sisters) complimented MY rings
however (I have three silver rings I wear, each with a special meaning for me).
One of my rings is an authentic Irish Claddagh ring, and people almost ALWAYS
ask what it means. So I explained what each part of it meant, then I turned to
my wingfem and asked her if she was ready to go. Naturally the redhead's boy
got a look of disappointment, and a couple of the ladies wanted us to stay.
(Oh, how easy it is to let them walk right into our web) So, as per usual in
such a case, my wingfem told the ladies, "Let's get together later, just us
girls." Then she wrote her address down, handed it to the blonde sisters, and
told all four of the ladies to stop by around 2 a.m. Of course the guys had to
ask, "We can't come?" To which my Wingfem replied, "Maybe next time." Before
leaving I leaned in to the redhead and said, "Too bad your borefiend's here. I
was going to invite you to the club we're going to." She whispered back, "We're
not that serious. Which club?" I waved her off and said, "Give me your number.
Maybe we'll sneak off tomorrow and see what kind of trouble we can find." She
wrote down Kate's cell number (Kate's one of the blonde sisters) saying that he
gets weird about who calls her, but that she and Kate will be doing some things
tomorrow afternoon, and to play it safe to call her, and she'll hand her the
phone if he's not with them. (Don't you just LOVE the little covert shit women
do, behind the backs of these boys, who are just not "getting the job done
Me and my wingfem then left them. Then, before she left to have fun with her
couple (They were staying in the hotel, so she just had to take an elevator
ride.) we agreed that I would be at her place around 1 or 1:30, for the closing
of the deal if I hadn't made a hook-up among the 2 bowls I was about to
approach (The ones with the 2 babysitters). Then she went to her sexcapade, and
I went to play some more.
Unfortunately, the 2/2 group was as dense as cardboard, so I got very bored,
very quickly.
But, a nice little brunette was kind enough to get spotted by me on my way from
the bathroom. If there's one thing I love even more than redheads, it's short
chicks. This one was around 5' 2" a couple of scoops of extra ass, but
everything else was just right, including amazing looking bright green eyes
(They turned out to be contact lenses, but who gives a piss?) I knew that it
would be SO common in her reality if I complimented her eyes, so I chose to
play with it instead. I walked up to her, and said, "You must have heard this a
lot already tonight, but I have to add to the pile." She stopped, with one of
those "Okay, distract me for a moment" looks. Then I said, "You
amazing looking pair...of shoes. A ladyfriend of mine would kill for these.
Where did you get them?" As expected she was slightly caught off guard, but not
very much. She laughed, said thank you, and said she couldn't remember. I
leaned in and playfully said, "Oh, I get it. Keep it a secret, so you don't
have shoe competition." She laughed and said, "That would be it." I told her
she actually has a better personality than I expected, and asked her name. It
was Sarah. She asked me why I thought she wouldn't have a good personality
(Damn, they make it SO easy, sometimes). Told her, "We're in Las Vegas, hon.
The land of illusion and neon lit crack houses. Not many things are as they
might appear. But, you seem to be worth talking to." Then I said, "Oh, you must
be from out of town then, right?" She laughed and said she was a local. I told
her to prove it, to let me see her driver's license. Then I playfully snapped
my fingers, as I said, "Come on, come on, your hesitance is very suspicious."
She laughed and said, "Who are you?" I did a Superman pose and said, "I am Lord
Vader, of the Sith." Then I did my "Vader breathing" impression. She did one of
those claps while laughing things. I just smiled and said, "This has been fun.
But I need to go." She said it was fun, and that it was good to meet me. I
playfully waved her off and said, "Oh, puh-leeze. You're just trying to get my
phone number. Admit it, you saucy minx." She laughed and said, "No, I swear." I
said, "Well, you win." Then I handed her an index card (Almost handed her the
one with the number and e-mail info I got earlier. D'oh!) and said, "Okay,
local girl, write your number down. I want to get your opinion on something
when we have the time to get into it." She said, "Okay. That would be cool." So
she wrote her number down. Then I said, "Listen, that ladyfriend I told you
about? She's having some people over later tonight, around two. Come by, we can
continue this then." She gave a "scrunchy" face and said, "That's my bedtime,
sorry." I said, "Bedtime? Now you're suggesting we sleep together? Do I LOOK
that easy? Do I have slut written on my shirt?" She laughed and said, "No." I
said, "No, I don''s written on my underwear." Then I told her we'll talk
later and gave her a hug (I love to spin short chicks when I hug them, so I of
course spun her) Then I started to walk away. Sarah asked, "Hey, what's your
name. I know it's not Vader."
I smiled and said, "Sorry, I just met you. Giving out my name's a little
personal. Too bad you'll be in bed by two, you might have had a chance." She
gave one of those playful shocked looks, and said, "What?" I told her that I
would tell her later. Then I turned to leave again. She called out to me, "Hey"
as she came up to me and, with a kind of sheepish expression, she whispered,
"Let me give you my REAL number."
She asked me, "Come on, what's your name?" I told her my name, but teased her
by saying, "Then again, maybe I'm giving you a fake name to punish you for
giving me a fake number." She laughed and said, "But I gave you my real number
now." I said, "Oh, yeah, that's true. Okay, my real name is Bart. No, that’s
not true. It's really Elvis. No, wait, okay, it's really Natalie. My name is
Natalie." She laughed and said, "Okay then, 'Natalie.' See ya' later."
I had some time before I was going to head over to my wingfem's place, so I
decided to play a penny slot machine. (I doubled my money, but my greed ruined
the piss out of THAT little victory, and I ended up cashing out with half of
what I initially put in.)
I made another round through the casino, didn't see anyone I cared to talk to,
so I left.
On my way to my wingfem's place, I sent her a text message, asking if she was
still having fun. When she didn't reply after 20 minutes, I took that as a
"Hell yeah!"
I get to her place, and let myself in, and killed some time checking out the
latest update on
My wingfem replied to my text close to 2, stating she's sorry but she's going
to be a little late. Apparently in addition to the couple she went to play
with, my little overachieving bi-buddy found herself a tasty little brunette at
the casino. She said she might bring her back home, but she wants to play with
her a little on her own first.
Oh, well, a true Jedi Master is prepared for alternate outcomes.
Around 2:30, Miss Poofy Shoes and the sisters show up. "Poofy" said, "Is this
YOUR house?" I replied, "No." Then I invited them in. They came in, and Kate
(one of the blonde sisters) asked, "I thought this was supposed to be just the
girls." I just shrugged and said, "I crashed the party. It's okay, I know the
host." They laughed and asked where my wingfem was. I was honest, I told them
that she's with a girl she met, and would try and make it home soon. Monica
(the other sister) said that the redhead's borefiend was being a dick about her
coming over without him, so she wasn't coming. (Oh, well, there are a couple
more redheads in Las Vegas, so no worries) "Poofy" asked for a drink, so I
directed her to the fridge and told her to grab drinks for her friends. I
wasn't drinking. The sisters got curious, and looked at the pictures on the
wall, and looked at the books my wingfem had in her bookshelf. I always like to
see just how "close" sisters are, so I asked the probing question of, "You two
must get along well. It's not often I meet sisters who spend a weekend in Vegas
together." Monica replied, "Well, my sis is going to New York this summer, so I
wanted to spend some time with her." I asked Kate why she was going to New
York. Turns out she's going to Buffalo to work at some strip club with a friend
from New York. ( A stripper? Dare I mingle with one of such a sinful
occupation? Oh, okay, maybe just this once.) On purpose I didn't go into
conversation about it. Instead I said, "Oh. Have you ever been to New York?"
Kate said she had not, and was excited about going, but was a little nervous.
By this time, Dawn ("Poofy") came back with drinks, and a stuffed animal on the
shelf apparently caught her attention. She picked it up, and I said, "Behave.
Don't mess with the Feng Shui, you'll kill us all." She laughed and started
talking about a friend who did Feng Shui. Real *yawn* riveting stuff.
I told Dawn, "Hey, Poofy Shoes, have a seat, I'm going to do your writing." She
sat next to me, then I had her write out a couple of sentences. This got all
three women gathered around. I jokingly told Dawn that she had a predilection
for poofy shoes, and a disturbing fascination for other people's stuffed
animals. The sisters laughed, but Dawn said, "Quit. Be for real." So I shared
with her that her writing revealed she procrastinates ( T's crossed more on the
left side) is sensitive to criticism (big loop in her lower case d's) and that
she's unsatisfied physically (incomplete loop in her lower case g's). The
sisters were saying "Yep, that's her." But Dawn was asking them, "Really? You
think so?"
Then of course the sisters wanted me to "do them" next. (It's ALWAYS a request
of "Do me" or "Do mine" instead of a "Try me" or "Try mine.") So I analyzed
Kate's next, which revealed that she has high self esteem (crosses her T's
close to the top of the "stem") attention to details (dots her i's close to the
stem) and is socially selective (loops in her G's and Y's are not very open).
This brought on about a 15 minute conversation, where she was basically
verifying what I found in her writing, sharing things she's done that conform
to what I found. (Imagine that!)
Then finally, Monica excitedly said, "Okay, enough, enough. I want to see if he
can do me." As we were in the middle of "doing" Monica, my wingfem came home,
without her brunette friend. The ladies said in school girl-like excitement,
"We're finding out what our writing means." My wingfem said, "See, he's good,
huh?" They agreed, and then Monica was persistent and said, "Okay, finish,
finish." It was easy to tell she was aggressive, and her writing actually
showed it (hard upstroke to the right on her lower case y's, instead of loops)
she needs a challenge (incomplete lower case d, causing a "stinger" where the
loop normally connects with the "stem") and she desired responsibility (Big
loop at the beginning of the M in her name). They all agreed that this was
Monica's personality exactly. I liked that fact, because it made her the one I
wanted to close that night. I gave my wing fem a predetermined signal, letting
her know it was Monica I'd be closing tonight. So my wingfem said, "Did you
give them a tour of my place?" I had not. She said, "Well, come on girls. Let
them finish with that, and I'll give you the tour." I don't know what it is
about women, but they never turn down "the tour." So she takes them on the
tour, and I start to move in for the close. I began by telling her that one
thing I noticed about, which isn't in her writing, is that she takes in
everything in the room. Not much gets by her. She agreed and said she likes to
observe people. The truth is, I genuinely like to do that too, so I let that be
a natural flow of conversation for a minute. Then, just because I wanted to
advance the physical aspect, I said, "I bet you're sensitive to vibration too."
Of course that's an odd thing to hear, so she naturally asked me to clarify. I
explained to her a true phenomenon, where some people can sense vibration
easier than others. They tend to have a very sensitive tolerance to touch
(People who are incredibly ticklish obviously fit into this area). So then I
told her, "Here, I'll even show you." Then I proceeded to do some "Phantom
Touch" (Simply put, it's when you come close to actually touching them, without
making actual contact. Women, who are starting to feel the beginnings of
sensuality, can literally start to feel as if I am touching them. Excellent way
to test for where she is, emotionally, in a seduction) I did some "Phantom
Touch" near her face (eyebrows, side of her face) as I spoke softly....
deliberately...about how...I bet...this almost causing...a warming...around the nape...of...her neck.
Her voice got a little breathy, as she said, "Stop." So I acted like I had been
tranced out and I said, "Hmm, I'm not sure how you did that, but don't do it
again." She asked, "Do what?" I said, "There was, you gave off.
It was a little intoxicating. But I hardly know you, so try and stop doing
that." She let out a small laugh and said, "Yeah, I kind of felt that too. But
I thought YOU were doing it. That came from me?" I didn't answer, so I wouldn't
have to admit that part of it actually WAS me doing it. (I seduce women, not
lie to them) Instead, I just stood up and moved off the couch and sat in the
chair as I asked, her, "So, do you speak any foreign languages?" She was thrown
by the question (as intended) but finally managed to reply, "I took Spanish in
Junior High, but I forgot most of it. Why, do you?" Instead of answering, I
replied, "It's just been my experience that people who like a challenge and are
aggressive, seem to all speak at least one alternate language." (This is true,
of the people I know who are like that) She seemed a little apologetic about
not speaking another language, which I thought was cute. Right around here is
when my wingfem returned to the living room with the other ladies. "We need
some music." My wingfem said, and so she put on some country music (Not my
first choice, as that's not exactly great music to shag by, but it seemed to
liven the ladies up, so it was all good). So now there's my wingfem
lip-synching to Kate, who lip synchs back, and then "Poofy" joins them, and now
they're all singing to each other. Apparently Monica knew the artist singing,
and requested a certain song once the current one is finished. As the song
continues, my wingfem gradually dances closer to Kate. Monica sits closer to me
from the couch, and asks me where I learned about analyzing handwriting and
about how some people are more sensitive to vibrations. So I talked to her
about that for a couple of minutes. Then the song ends, and my wingfem is doing
her own thing, not focused on changing the song to the one Monica requested.
But Monica doesn't seem to notice, which indicates to me that I have her full
attention. Gooooood.
Somewhere in the next song, I glanced over and my wingfem is holding Kate's
waist and they're dancing together. Dawn ("Poofy") is feeling a little left
out, and I want to engage Monica's competitive side, so I stand up and say,
"Come here, Dawn, let's show them how to dance." So now I'm dancing with Dawn,
my wingfem is dancing with Kate, and Monica is left alone on the couch. Monica
then asks for her song to be played. I don't want to totally blow her off,
because she might feel really rejected and bring the whole vibe down. So I made
her a deal by saying, "Come show us your moves first. Come on, get up here."
Monica said she doesn't dance. But my wingfem playfully said, "Neither can he,
but at least he's trying." This got Monica to laugh, but instead of dancing,
she changes the song to the one she requested. Once it starts playing, she
struts her butt a little. She moves over between where my wingfem and Kate are
dancing, and near where Dawn and me are dancing, and starts to lip synch to the
song as she does a little dance here and there. My wingfem is whispering
something to Kate, which I could tell must have been something at least
sensual, because Kate laughs and puts her hand to her face as if she's
embarrassed (I later found out that my wingfem had asked her, "This is getting
me really hot, how about you?") So we're all dancing, and Monica is really
starting to get into the song, and dancing around. Dawn and I laugh at her,
then I lean in and I told her to dance with Monica until I got back. I then
went to the bathroom, to give my wingfem a chance to escalate the sexual vibe
in the room. By the time I came back, my wingfem and Kate were dancing around
Monica and Dawn. It was obvious to me that my wingfem had tagged Kate, so I
went up and pulled Dawn and Monica toward me and danced with them together. As
we're dancing, my wingfem starts to move Kate back and away from the rest of
us. She's going in for the close. Then she takes Kate's hand and walks her into
the kitchen. (Kate's toast now!)
I decide to play with Monica's competitive side by using Dawn's sensitivity to
criticism. You see, if someone's sensitive to criticism, then it also means
they place added value to compliments and acknowledgements. They need that
So I said to Monica, "Come on, you going to let Dawn show you up? Look at her
moves." Dawn get slightly embarrassed, but then added some exaggerated effort
to her moves. I turned away from Monica and started dancing with just Dawn.
This of course got to Monica, who nudged me out of the way, and she started
dancing with Dawn. But then she pulled me in with them, and we all three
started to dance. Then Dawn REALLY got into it, and started dancing a little
more suggestively, and getting a little physical with me, by running hands up
and down my arms and bumping her hip into mine. Monica then started dancing
behind me, and reached around me, took Dawn's arms and now they had me in the
middle (I felt like such a piece of meat. *sob*sniffle*) So I took advantage of
the situation, and started dancing very fluid and slow with my waist and
crotch. Monica said, "Oooh, the man has some moves." Dawn chimed in with a
playful, "Bring it, baby. Yeah." At this time I decided to "gauge the mood" so
I got my face fairly close to Dawn, and gave her an air kiss, then pulled back.
Then I turned around, and did the same thing to Monica. Neither made any
movement away as I did that with each of them. Then I grabbed each of them by
the waist, and alternated bumping the side of my leg against their hips, then
their crotch. All indications pointed to a nice flow toward the sensual. Then I
would periodically lean in toward their faces, as if I were about to kiss them,
but then pull back. After doing that a few times with each of them, Dawn pulled
me a little closer to her face, AND LICKED MY CHIN! (Not a bad move for a babe
who's writing indicated she's not one to be aggressive) Dawn laughed and wiped
her wetness from my face. But then I took her hand, and brought it close to my
lips, as I locked into her eyes. I let the warmth of my breath blow on her
fingers. Then I kissed each fingertip on that hand, then slowly lowered her
hand down and let go of it. Then I turned toward Monica, but gave her much less
physical attention. The song hadn't even ended yet, when Dawn took my hand and
said she wanted to sit down, then brought me over to the couch. The moment her
legs curled up onto the couch as she faced me, I knew she was having sensual
thoughts. So all I had to do was guide the flow, and she would be mine.
Monica went into the kitchen (I assume to either get another drink, or to see
why my wingfem and Kate had not come out.
The look on Monica's face, told me that she had just caught them making out in
the kitchen. It was a bit more obvious that this was the case, when Monica
said, "Oh, shit, they are SO macking in there. I hope they didn't see me."
Dawn looked at me, biting her lower lip, and said, "Oh, man, can you believe
it?" I winked at her and said, "You wish that was you in there, admit it." She
laughed and said, "Eww, no. Well, not with Kate anyway." I gave her a playful
shocked look and said, "Miss Poofy Shoes. I didn't know you indulged in such
vile things." She laughed and said, "Yeah, right." Monica said, "What should we
do?" I grinned and said, "We should outdo them. There's only two of them, but
there's three of us. How dare they try to have more fun than us." Monica and
Dawn looked at each other, then at me, and Dawn said, "Who, us? I, I mean, us
Monica smiled and asked, "Did you plan this?" I replied, "No, but I think maybe
your sister might have." Monica leaned in and Whispered, "She kept trying to
tell me she wasn't Bi. But I KNEW she was full of it. That liar." The
conversation was lingering on her sister too long, which I felt might creep out
the vibe. So I looked at Monica, then at Dawn, then at Monica, and then I
leaned in and kissed Dawn a few times. Then I turned to Monica and said, "Naw,
you're not ready for this kind of challenge." Then I turned back to Dawn and
started making out with her a little. Monica tapped me on the back, I turned
around, and she said, "It's just that Dawny and me are friends. It would feel
too strange." I told her, "Yeah, you're probably right." Then I turned back to
Dawn and started making out with her again. Then I just took Dawn by the hand
and started to lead her to the guest bedroom. As she and I are on the bed
making out, I hear someone come into the room. At first I thought it was
Monica. But it was my wingfem and Kate. You see the guest bedroom is closer
from the kitchen, so they were trying to sneak in, thinking we were all still
in the living room.
So that was funny.
They left and, I assume, went to my wingfem's bedroom.
So things are getting more hot and heavy with Dawn, who out of the blue says,
"I will always remember Vegas." (Yeah, whatever, now let's get into some
penetrating moments) I shut her mouth, and thing just flowed pretty solid from
Less than a half-hour later, after we finished our initial probing, there comes
a knock on the opened bedroom door. At first I thought, "Ah, Monica's turn."
But, no. It was actually Kate! You see, apparently Monica had ended up joining
my wingfem and Kate. But Kate was feeling a little weirded out about having sex
around her sister, so she came to join us, while my wingfem and Monica got
friendly. It turns out that Kate and Dawn have already fooled around with each
other a couple of times in the past, but Monica didn't know. So anyway, Kate
joins us, and she and Dawn start going at it. Me, I watched at first. Afterall,
it's best to have the mindset of "Ladies first" because they get each other
worked up into a nice "lather" and it makes for a much more intense time once I
join in.
The thing that cracks me up, in hindsight, is that Monica is the one I would
have "laid" odds on me most likely shagging. Yet she was the one I DIDN'T shag!
Funny how that happens sometimes. (Not that I have any complaints)

FOLLOW UP: Called the redhead that Sunday, but she was being too overly
dramatic about her BOREFIEND, so I ended the call quick. She's eliminated.

I haven't made contact with the local and her Utah friends yet. So nothing to
share on that.

Sarah, my little brunette "Oompa" with the cool green contact lenses, is
joining me for coffee on Thursday. So we'll see how well she holds my interest.
I may do a LR if it's worth remembering and writing up.



"Unleash What She's Been Waiting For"

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