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Slicing & Dicing of Destini9's Chick Logic

mASF post by AH1

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Slicing & Dicing of Destini9's Chick Logic
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mASF post by "AH1"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, February 2, 2003

Destini9's continued rant ... and my continued slicing and dicing of her Chick

Reading body language - its like reading people's thoughts, it'll blow you away

There's only 3 possible moves ANYONE is going to make in ANY situation. Learn
what they are, learn what they mean and you're so far ahead of the game it
really will feel like "seduction".
Move 1. Approach = Attraction = Positive
Move 2. Avoid = Repulsion = Negative
Move 3. Absolutely Nothing = Undecided = Neutral
If they approach you AT ALL, they like you, they're interested in you, they're
curious about you, they're attracted to you. This does NOT MEAN that they will
automatically be prone to fucking you.

::::::::::Naturally it's not a 100% guarantee that a guy's going to get fucked
just because a chick approaches him. I think there a very few people here who
even think that. But when and if they get this far, it's rather easy to make a
chick feel "automatically prone to fucking you" in a relatively short time.

If they avoid you AT ALL, they are not interested in you, they are indifferent
to you, they are in no way attracted to you, they are repelled or repulsed by
you, they would prefer not to deal with you at all. This absolutely means they
WILL NOT fuck you at all, period.

::::::::::Wrong, wrong, wrong. If this was the case in every situation, I might
not have fucked a number of the chicks I have. Attraction may not always be an
instantaneous thing, going only on sight alone, granted, but it can easily be
created. For the Seductionist and Master PUA, it only becomes a matter of
whether or not he's willing to put in the time-effort element. Some chicks
could take WEEKS to fuck. That's not usually worth it to most PUA.

If they Approach you AT ALL, the motivation will be one of the above
justifications, but not necessarily all of them combined. Someone can approach
you to kick your ass...they are at least interested in a situation with you
enough to bother. Aside from offensive attack, we're talking about normal
situations in casual circumstances. If a woman approaches you AT ALL in a
social atmosphere, you're on a roll. The body language to support this should
be relatively apparent. They'll face you, their demeanor will be pleasant,
open, receptive, interested, light, calm. THIS DOES NOT MEAN SHE AUTOMATICALLY
repulse her, and she's not scared to deal with you.

::::::::::Much of what you have said is self-evident; things that even most
beginners could grasp. As far as your statement of "THIS DOES NOT MEAN SHE
the factor you're missing from the equation is that the Seductionist and the
PUA KNOW how to make chicks not only FEEL like fucking, but WANT to fuck,
preferably as soon as possible. That's what this seduction is all about.
Admittedly, some chicks don't like this when they're total win-lose thinkers.
If you want to know what that is, you're living inside the skin of one.

If a woman avoids you AT ALL, hang it up, you didn't pass the sex meter test,
she wants nothing to do with you on ANY LEVEL, and anything you try to do from
there will only antagonize her negative feelings.

The reason I can say this is for the simple fact that it completely and totally
depends on who the chick is dealing with. If she's dealing with a chump who is
clueless in many respects, your prediction will probably be the case. When
dealing with the skilled Seductionist and PUA, she will putty in his hands in a
matter of time. Really, there is almost zero defense against an individual who
is a master in his field ... and denying the fact can't help. Have you ever
wondered how many PUA have fucked you, and all the while just feeling it was
the "right thing to do" for some reason. Chew on that for a while.

The body language to support this should be just as apparent. They'll turn
their back to you, ignore you, dismiss you, you're invisible, their demeanor is
either indifferent to you or strained, forced, closed, abrupt, brief, blocked.
Leave em alone. Take a hike. Preferably in Siberia. With a woman (or anyone) in
Move 2, your persistence is interpreted as harrassment. It's a good idea to
catch on.

::::::::::There are guys who would give up right then and there, even if they
wanted the chick. And maybe rightly so. But again, you fail to take into
account just who she's dealing with. Since I've seen the art of the TA (Turn
Around) in action many, many times (not just with myself but with others), your
statement essentially becomes meaningless. Again, it goes straight back to the
time-effort element for many a PUA, as I suspect it will over and over again in
replying to your assertions about what you think absolutely will or absolutely
won't happen. That is, is it even worth the pursuit for the TA? That's the
only question.

If a woman makes no move at all to respond, she either has no clue you wish her
to, or she is guarded, nervous, intimidated, and acting in a reserved manner.
Careful, many times Moves 2 and 3 can look amazingly alike. If it's Move 3
they're stuck in, you'll have to make a first move (a Move 1). Smile, face her,
nod hello or otherwise acknowledge her. Approach her. If she responds with a
reciprocal, reflective move, that's all it was and you've hopefully alleviated
her initial doubt or fear. If she frowns, turns away, walks away, etc. it was
Move 2, and leave her alone.

::::::::::I'll agree with the majority of this. Again it's basic seduction 101.
As far as your "Move 2" goes, I think you're confusing this with impossibility.
Again, the time-effort element.

If you offer to send her a drink or suggest something and she declines, but has
previously displayed Move 1 body language, she's responding from Move 3 and
there may be any number of reasons why she has to decline. Don't take it

::::::::::We won't.

And from just those three moves, (there is nothing else) all ya need is to pay
a little attention to the dynamic of the scene happening, use common damn
sense, and let HUMAN NATURE take its course.

::::::::::Human natural is really cool most of the time. Unfortunately, it
sometime leaves the not-so-knowledgeable Nice-Guy(tm) with nothing to do and
nowhere to go in an interaction. And if this takes place in most of his
interactions, this is not acceptable and something will be done to change it.

Mirroring - the Jedi mind tricks of body-language explained.

Unless and until you plan on becoming an actual Jedi Master, I strongly suggest
leaving the mind tricks for professional magicians and illusionists.

::::::::::And obviously you know that "Jedi Master" is being used
metaphorically. But a Master PUA and Seductionist can do things that would make
them APPEAR as a "Jedi Master."

Try that shit with a real woman in real life and you may as well hang up the
light saber.

::::::::::A REAL woman? Hmmm ... I'll let that one slide. The real "Jedi
Masters" of seduction do try this shit with women, and instead of hung upon the
wall, they end up with their saber in the chick's pussy. Sorry, but that's real

The ONLY awareness of body language you need is described above. That is the
absolute root from whence all other displays originate. It only sounds
mysterious and intriguing because it's nothing we're used to discussing nor
acknowleding on a regular basis. Nevertheless, the crux of all BL is shown
above, THERE IS NOTHING ELSE, and those three moves are UNIVERSALLY UNDERSTOOD.
That's ALL you need to measure responses against.

::::::::::Fine, that's perfectly acceptable if it gets a guy laid predictably
and consistently. If not, he's going to shit-can it and go with a different

Kinesthetics - make touching the girls your second nature, even (and
especially! if you just met them, they'll love it

They will love it if they're the least bit attracted to you. Touch a woman who
finds you repulsive and she's liable to knock the hell out of you.

::::::::::And then possibly end up fucking you in the morning. With all I know
about women, I still can make the statement that "they're often strange
creatures." But I say this more in the way of how often it seems like the fuck
is impossible only to turn out to be not only possible, but actually taking
place quite rapidly. I also make the statement in regards to how easy it really
is to lead a chick's imagination and feelings to get her to the point where
she's exactly where you want her to be, again, quite easily. Then after you've
shared an amazing sexual experience with her, lying on sweaty sheets, she's
wondering why on EARTH she would have ever wanted to "knock the hell out of
you" in the first place :) As a quick thought here, I've made the observation
that your world experience seems to be quite limited. Sad. I wonder if you
realize how much life you deprive yourself of.

Refer to the Moves above to determine your risk levels. Try to have some common
sense about it. NOTE: IF a woman touches you AT ALL, on ANY part of your body,
and does so with a smile, you're in. Period.

::::::::::This is not true either. It works both ways and I acknowledge the
factual dynamics and possibilities of any situation. What I mean is, there's no
doubt that the PUA would be "in," but the AFC, with his limited knowledge, may
not be "in" no matter HOW much touching the chick does. The AFC could still
easily turn her off. He could inadvertently do something to make her change her
mind and think differently. Just as the Master Seductionist can HAVE any chick
he wants (but with full respect to the time-effort expenditure element), the
AFC can also LOSE a chick who's just dying to fuck him. It works both ways.

Approaching Women And Getting Them Interested

Your problem is not getting them interested and never was. It's KEEPING THEM

::::::::::Although this might sound good in some pop-psychology, half-ass
seduction manual, reality tells us a very different story. Is there SOME truth
to what you're saying? Yes. But a little knowledge is most often a dangerous
thing. Here's the deal: as a pickup artistand Seductionist, one does not wait
for a chick to be interested in him. He CAUSES chicks to be interested in him.
But he does this in ways and through means which you cannot understand nor
comprehend. Also, another extremely important factor in considering the
dynamics of Chick Logic is that chicks can tell you what they *think* they want
from a man, but strictly on their own they are essentially incapable of telling
you what they will actually RESPOND to emotionally.

If you have approached a woman and she hasn't visibly avoided you, be it
conversationally, or by presence, she's interested enough. If you can cultivate
that without making a complete dipshit out of yourself, SHE WILL.

::::::::::Again, all fine and well if the system actually works, and works
equally for all men in all situations.

Where to meet girls - the most popular places for a pick-up.


::::::::::I'll agree with that. Far too much emphasis is often put on exactly
and precisely where to meet chicks when, in fact, chicks are everywhere to be

If she seems unapproachable - then maybe everyone thinks so... and she's all

Baloney. She seems unapproachable to YOU because YOU'RE afraid to approach her
to begin with, so you're automatically entangling yourself in your own
subjective negative perception. Not everyone is as insecure as you. If she's
alone, it very well may be by her choice.

::::::::::A guy doesn't have to be afraid to approach a chick for her to give
off the appearance of being unapproachable. Sometimes chicks do this without
even realizing they're doing it because THEY are so insecure with
themselves/fucked up in their own heads that they give off a lot of chaff
signals to a guy's radar. The solution for the guy is to make the approach
anyway without giving it a thimble-full of piss as far as its importance or
relevance. If the chick doesn't respond favorably and he's AFC (or PUA but not
willing to give it the time-effort) then he should just move on to the next
fuck prospect.

NOTE: Don't ever presume that because a woman is alone or sitting alone at a
table/bar that she's lonely or that she's "unapproachable". Ever. Women are
instinctive nurturers and nesters. If we're lonely and don't wanna be, we're
proactive enough to fix it.

:::::::::::Nope, not all chicks are. Some AFC chicks are as clueless as some
AFC guys.

And, thanks to the downfall of religion-social-economic repression, we're big
girls now and can go anywhere we damn well please, with you or without you. And
we actually LIKE IT. Not every woman needs a "bitchshield" to be able to fend
off unwanted advances OR to lure in potential suitors.

::::::::::You have no clue what a "bitchshield" means in the context of
seduction then.

In fact, the lone female out somewhere is usually THE MOST self assured and she
doesn't need you near as much as you want her to.

::::::::::Are you speaking strictly of YOUR perceptions, or for ALL women? If I
were a cruel, heartless bastard, I could get a chick to take the flying leap
over not having me/losing me. Fortunately I'm not a cruel, heartless bastard.

Nevertheless, if you perceive this assurance as unapproachability, the problem
lies with you. NOT HER.

::::::::::You speak of your own thoughts and perceptions as if they're
universal law for everyone. I've got news: they're not. You're a real
all-or-nothing thinker alright. SOMETIMES this may be true. And SOMETIMES it's
not and the chick
r e a l l y i s in the state (currently) of being "unapproachable." Can most
PUA work around this in some way? Easily. But most AFCs can't, and they're the
ones who need the help the most here. After you have spewn a large degree of
bullshit, someone has to come in and clean up the mess for their sake.

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