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Re: stripper turned 19, visiting my city

mASF post by John Thomas

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Re: stripper turned 19, visiting my city
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mASF post by "John Thomas"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, June 6, 2001

First off just let me say that I am new to this board and the whole fast seduction thing
on the internet. I finally found you guys. I been searching for this for a long time. I
guess a lot of looking in the wrong places. The only guide I had up until now was the
chapter in Richard Feynman's book, "Surely you must be joking,..." Is anyone familiar with

I am not so AFC, but still frustrated. But I have blown so many opportunities that have
come my way. And I want more. I am still catching up on all the lingo and concepts, but I
will respond to this stripper situation. Please make allowances for my lack of "technical"
knowledge. But I will respond to this as I have managed to fuck a couple of strippers and
get phone numbers from lots of them. It seemed for a while that I could meet any stripper
and just suck at a regular bar.

They are good to practice with at the very least. Here in Toronto where the dancers are
aggressive and the dancing is very raunchy lap not the cheap table stuff. The dancer will
come along and ask for a dance. Some are point blank. Some are masters of seduction. They
get paid for it. If you don't want a dance the girls will move on as she is there to make
money. See how long you can keep her there. Watch her technique on you. And she will have
loads of it if she is any good. The main problem is that you think you are seducing her
but she is only letting you think that because she wants your hard-earned dough. She will
respond to all the techniques you have because she wants you to think that's it's working
for you. These girls talk to so many men and have heard it all. So to keep at your table
without buying a dance is a challenge but good practice.

The thing I find that works is to get her to talk about herself. Questions, questions,
questions. (This all maybe part of the routine you guys know already so bear with me. I'm
only writing from experience) Strip joints are strange places. We all think that everyone
is there just for the sexual aspects. However, many men go because they are lonely.
Dancers say that they do it for the money, but there is a significant number who do it
because they dig the attention. So you get these needy men and attention hungry babes. In
order for a chick to seduce a guy into buying dances from her he has to listen to his
dribble about sports, his job, his truck. These girls (get it out of your mind she's a
stripper) listen to this all the time. So when a guy talks about them they are so happy.
What to ask,....????

This girl is new so it's hard to make any judgements. Do you get a dance next time Yes,
maybe, most likely no. Tell her you usually don't get dances. Maybe relent at a later
date, but if this happens you run the danger of turning into a customer $$$$ and not some
cool dude who just come around for a beer every so often. Be cool with her. Men lose their
mind in these places and end up asking the girls out all the time. If she is interested
she will let you know (up to a point as she may still want to asked) But this applies to a
girl who has been stripping for a while. Offer her ride home when the place closes and
see how it goes. If you do get anywhere with her you have to be very cool as she mostly
doesn't want management and the other dancers know she is into for more than just work.
She is not going to want give you a piece of paper with her number on it in the middle of
the bar.

Strippers all say that they don't sleep with the guys that they meet at the bar, but
that's not always true. They are human too. You can't do that job and not get horny. The
one stripper I slept with termed me an "occupational hazard". I met her on a Thursday,
called her on Monday and she invited me over that night and boom. She decided. I was
happy to go along. If I had of known about the strategies on this board I could have
stretched into something longer. I fucked up because I let her know that I liked her. I
should have left it very uncertain.

All and all, it's very hard to play a girl who is playing you.

So long,


jacob wrote:

> Let's keep this short & sweet.
> Go to a strip club, MC tells us that the girl on stage just turned 19
> today.
> So after her set on stage. She walks by, i wished her happy birthday
> and that it was a good show for a "first time".
> She was loaded with alcohol and very friendly.
> She tells me how she hasn't even given a table dance yet ever.
> So i thought eh why the fuck not right.
> She goes away for a minutes to talk to her cousin(i found this out
> later)
> She said she'd come back and she did.
> I grab her and tell her since you never gave a dance, let's go.
> Ill be your first.
> I still don't believe she's 19, so she whips out her i.d. and yep, just
> turned 19, outta town girl visiting her cousin for 2weeks.
> She dances for me, we're talking and she's just being cute and all.
> Waitress comes by, she orders wine and asks if i'll pay for it, i told
> her, you'll make enough money you don't need me paying for it (learned
> from the past, not gonna buy her a drink, but i guess i got suckered for
> a dancer)
> Anyways, like i said she was loaded outta her mind, and she hugged me
> and thanked me bla bla bla....and i told her i'd be back Friday night.
> She mumbled about how she's glad she met me cuz i'm a sweet nice guy
> ...i said, oh great, nice guy...
> She said, what you don't like that do you with a laugh.
> So here's hoping to get her # and a close, but how do i play it that
> night when it's gonna be rammed with guys and better lookin, built guys
> than myself.
> I'm a good looking guy, but a bit too nice & sweet. Not bold enough.
> So i'm thinking, pull her aside, say hi, do the small talk, play it
> cool.
> Let her do her dances.
> Then before I leave, tell her..."i'm takin you out and showin you around
> town" or "have you been to six flags" (which she hasn't)....
> suggestions?
> Thanks

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