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Re: Review: FIDENTIA» Workshop, LA March 4-6, 2005

mASF post by omega9

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Re: Review: FIDENTIA» Workshop, LA March 4-6, 2005
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mASF post by "omega9"
posted on: mASF forum: Reviews Discussion, May 5, 2005

First off, I just wanted to say that at this point I damn-near think that
to the student forum alone is worth the price of the workshop. That's
exaggerating a bit. But I really feel it's at a much higher level than ASF.
not on the Mystery Lounge or anything else, so I can't compare it to anything
but ASF. Nightlife et al. are very good about responding to questions and
such very quickly. The other guys on the board are great too.

To answer your question, Alek, unfortunately I haven't been going out enough
since I did the workshops. For a while I would go out with one or two wings
with whom, for whatever reason, I didn't have a lot of success. Then I've just
gotten to the point where I can't stay up that late, so I got back to where
got a lot of approach anxiety and other bullshit. I've just realized, though,
that I need to just start doing day game. I manage to do a lot of flirting and
get a lot of IOIs from girls, but just haven't followed through with it. On
other hand, I changed my look, put a new picture and profile up on and have about 15 girls emailing me off of that site now (in the
last 5 or 6 days, compared to zero for the last 6 months). They all email
back, and one # so far, which I will call tomorrow. You can also read about
my tele-marketer booty call in the Field Reports here on ASF. So, day game is
where I am heading. We'll see if I have better results that way.

Take care,


My personal results probably don't sound very spectacular at this point, in
that the actual numbers of closes are not that high. But this is coming from a
guy who had previously only gotten a # from a girl ONCE in his entire life,
only slept with ONE girl in his entire life, etc., etc. I have a long way to
compared to a lot of guys, but I can see results in the number of IOIs I get
from girls, being able to keep them talking to me, etc., etc. The more time
goes by, the more credit I give to the Fidentia» workshop for showing me how
to be relaxed, direct, and confident and how that's really the key in pick-up.

On 5/9/05 6:28:35 PM, Alek wrote:
>Thanks for the answer omega9.
>Its now been a month since.
>You haven't
>posted any posts on masf
>since... So this is probably a
>good sign :D
>Can you just briefly summarize
>(simple numbers even) on how
>your game
>has gone since the WS?
>Thank you :)

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