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Social Retards, Normal Guys, Pick-Up Artists

mASF post by mrquista

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Social Retards, Normal Guys, Pick-Up Artists
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mASF post by "mrquista"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

Goglo, yes it's called the Mystery lounge but all those guy's still post here
and give advice. look, who cares if these guy's have some secret society lounge
where they can talk to each other. I am interested in talking to genuine people
who want to help people. Pricks with egos and flames waste everyones time. I
have been reading mASF for three months now and done a limited amount of
opening sets (47 so far) with limted success. I am still learning and the
things I've screwed up on I've found advice on in the archives so I have not
had to post any questions yet to the regular PUA's. The main problem from my
limited observations is that newbies need to read old posts from the legends
such as Toecutter, Mystery etc and get their advice on how to start out BEFORE
posting field reports etc. I understand posting useless regurgitated shit that
has been talked about to no end does not help anyone so I am reserving my posts
to unusual situations in the field, which I am about to enter as it's Friday
night here and time to do some fieldwork!
cheers man.


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