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The Micro analyzing of The-Game

mASF post by LuckyLuciano

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The Micro analyzing of The-Game
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mASF post by "LuckyLuciano"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, January 1, 2005

On 1/3/05 1:38:00 PM, Shark wrote:
>"The same people who were
>about to drive a wooden stake
>through Shark now say that
>,You can open with anything."
>I would like to point one of
>those people: TylerDurden
>Yea I remember those huge
>Mystery Lounge flames on my
>posts hahaha they were fun to
>It was me against dozens of
>gayboys haha
>And I didnt ewen read their
>posts cause I was busy with
>women and work, they told me
>all the time that their method
>is working.....but what do I
>care if their method is
>working, they can have 100s of
>women as far as I am concerned
>This is a good post especially
>for all asf newbies to think
>TheOne is a great pua cause he
>takes the best out of many



The shark gets

Politicians kissing babies for good luck,
T.V. preachers sell salvation for a buck,
You don't need no golden cross, to tell you wrong from right,
The world's worst murderers were those who saw the light."

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