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Mystery‘s the Coolest

mASF post by HandsomeMan

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Mystery‘s the Coolest
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mASF post by "HandsomeMan"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2004

I'm a loser... compared to Mystery. And Sir I'm not in the Mystery Lounge,
that's why I can't post anything there or read anything there.

But you all have to agree that Mystery's a real nice fellow. Before I saw that
video clip on his website about 3 months ago, I thought he'd be smart ass but
when I seen him on the clip, he's nothing like that. He's a pretty sensitive
guy and he truly wants to help people.

He's got the stuff down to scince and he even indvidualizes it for each person
during the bootcamp. I've never been to any bootcamp or any workshop though :(
It's a dream of mine to attend one and be able to post a successful testimony
and have it posted on a website. I thought BadBoy Croatia was bad ass but now
I think Mystery's the it.

Oh just a FYI: RSD was named after Mystery had a workshop called Social
Dynamics workshop.

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