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MLTR is caught with hand on other guys knee

mASF post by tolan2

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MLTR is caught with hand on other guys knee
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mASF post by "tolan2"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, June 6, 2004

On 6/12/04 6:25:00 AM, Jimbo wrote:
>On 6/11/04 2:56:00 PM, tolan2 wrote:
>>>On 6/11/04 12:50:00 PM, Jimbo wrote:

>>I’m sorry. I still not sure what your
>>trying to say.
>>That’s not the queens English!!
>I'm trying to say it would be good for
>you to read again my first reply, being
>alone (therefore without external
>influence from others like Amy), and
>with an open mind.

Let me go out on a limb here. Translation: 'it would be good IF you REread my
first reply.'

am I getting close, Yojimbo?

>The problem here is not my english. The
>problem is your lack of understanding
>ability, and i'm afraid that's something
>you can't get in queens!.

Dear god in heaven. Pleas tell me your making a joke.

>>Just remember friend, that was YOUR
>>interpretation of the information.
>Oh yes of course. With the information
>you gave us i arrived to my own
>conclusions. I might be wrong as there
>could be more data i haven't took in
>consideration. But at least i think i'm
>not too far from a good diagnosis, as it
>looks like i've touched a "sensible"

Wow. Are you trying to imply a "sensitive" subject, as opposed to a "sensible"
subject? If so, you’re right, I feel very sensitive when reading the banter of
perverted Spaniards. It really strikes a cord...deep...inside of me.

>>I think that post is more about you than
>>me. I also think you’re jealous that I
>>have a cool FB that will sarge with me
>>and post FRs. chill out and maybe I'll
>>get you one to.
>No man. My answers are not about me. And
>there's no reason for me to be jealous.
>I already have the sexual life i want.

Glad to hear that content abstinence is not just a myth.

>But i'll be glad to accept any FB you
>can get to me. As long i like her of
>course!. HAhahaha!

:-) Dude, I’m serious!
This is my address:
741 Broughton st
Pittsburgh, Pa

If you come down here, we will get you laid. I have plenty of old FBs I can
introduce you to.

Or simply send 2 thousand (US currency please, no pesos) and to the address
above, and I will send a representative, or perhaps come down there myself.

>>About Franco: I haven’t read the post
>>yet but I care little about your
>>sympathizers, as they are probably just
>>as twisted...even my lounge friend
>>Freako :-).
>Franco, also known as Zarathustra_fi, is
>one of the most respected posters in
>mASF. IMO he is an experienced man,
>intelligent, and with a great
>understanding in human psychology.
>But you don't have to trust me on that.
>Read some of his post, or even better,
>read part of his archive and arrive to
>your own conclusions.

Ok man. I really don’t know how else to put this. I’m on the Mystery Lounge
WITH Franco. I not only know how good he is, I know his real name, what he
looks like, and possess a photo album of his recent sargs. I just got pissy,
and he just happed to be there. (Sorry Franco).

I can’t figure out why I haven’t seen yours.

>>I’m not sure too many of you
>>guy could teach me too much about
>>'building attraction'. Most of you still
>>sound like frustrated chumps to me.
>Fair enough. That's your prerogative.
>Just let me add you are losing good
>chances of learning a few things about
>seduction, as there are quite a few guys
>here who know what they are doing.

Yea, like Jay. I sarged with him last year, Or that TD guy, I sarged with him
to, or Little Grasshopper, maybe that Sick-boy guy; that was back in October,
or Cliff from Cliffs list; I met him last summer.

So you must understand that I’m not writing off the whole community, It just
YOU, that I have little interest in taking advice from.

>>That being said, there were some good
>>responses in this thread, like: “what do
>>you want?”
>>I don’t think one reply was more simple
>>and clear than that one.
>Well, after reading your original post i
>knew what you wanted very accurately.
>For me it was completely clear from the
>moment you presented the whole situation
>beginning with the description of your
>GF in fetal position.

She was hurting my back, so it seemed salient at the time.

Others just didn't
>perceive your motivations behind your

No, others ASKED.

>You are also saying i'm twisted.
>Well, if any of my friends, male or
>females, if any of my acquaintances, or
>if any human being was by my side in
>fetal position and close to tears, you
>can be sure i could be doing many
>things, basically trying to get him or
>her in a better mood. But you can bet i
>wouldn't be describing the situation in
>an internet forum while he or she is
>there having a bad time.

I’m hooked on the "reality TV" concept. what can I say.

>And you are calling me twisted!. HA!


>Get a psychiatrist!.

Actually, (be afraid) I kind of am one, Jughead. And I mildly-annoyed one at


"Don't go for validation. Don't go for the props
from your boys. Go for what works. Go for
what helps you. And talk about THAT."
-wishes to be anonymous

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