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Holy War. Was: Outing Report: RSD in NY,

mASF post by tolan2

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Holy War. Was: Outing Report: RSD in NY,
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mASF post by "tolan2"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, April 4, 2004

On 4/27/04 7:45:00 AM, chariot wrote:
>Nobody on this board has seen you
>actively cold approach.

I do know jay, who I have trussed as a fair judge of ability, has vouched for
GW. That is not common for just anybody.
>Don’t get your back up on me - because im
>not being negative. Open your mind man
>and stop being so arrogant.

In a private email, lovedrop ones told me that having your post publicly
questioned is a reality of the Mystery Lounge. I would say that the same
applies here. This is a discussion to get down to the truth...and the truth is
in the results.

Welcome to the game of commercial products.
Its Darwin, baby.

Best of luck, to all parties.
I, and everyone else, will be watching.


"Don't go for validation. Don't go for the props
from your boys. Go for what works. Go for
what helps you. And talk about THAT."
-wishes to be anonymous

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