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Advertisement: direct vs indirect

mASF post by Jimbo

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Advertisement: direct vs indirect
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mASF post by "Jimbo"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, April 4, 2004

Hi Tyler,
i think you didn't understood what i meant. Or maybe i didn't explain myself
good enough. Let me please clarify.

On 4/3/04 7:21:00 AM, TylerDurden wrote:
>On 4/3/04 6:53:00 AM, Jimbo wrote:
>>Well, i believe it would be
>>beneficial to the group if he
>>was not requesting others to
>>"delete" descriptions of BL
>>from their reports. Read
>lol.. Jimbo, take aim before firing man.

Notice that i said "if he was not requesting......". I was talking about "him",

I'm just stating this post is basically an "advertisement post". Read it again.
Basically there you can find:

- "I'm cool, my lifestyle is cool"
- "I've being here in ASF for long. I've learnt a lot".
- "I've interact with most gurus".
- "I've met incredible naturals"
- "I explain a bit about direct vs indirect shit"
- "My workshops are great"
- "Now i only charge xxx $$$ for workshops, they are longer and better...."

And then you come saying his comments are beneficial to the group!!!. I say
this is not an "accurate" appreciation of his words from you bro!.

You are just playing along with his advertisement, probably unconsciously or
without that intention in mind. But tell me please and be honest, how much of
this post from Badboy do you really consider as beneficial, and how much as
mere advertisement?.

Maybe i'm blinded bro, but i honestly don't think so.

>I post 2 zillion posts a year here,
>answer newbie threads, and refuse to
>post on the Mystery Lounge so as to put
>pressure on the guys there to cross post
>I even go through the Lounge and
>recommend all the best threads to Cliff
>to post in Cliff's List, so they'll be
>publically accessible. I let guys post
>whatever content they want from
>programs, because it can only help.
>You're basically pointing at the guy who
>does more than anyone. I could care
>less about hoarding information.

100 % agree. You are right in all this. I think you are one of the best
contributors in ASF. I already said it in my previous reply.

I have the feeling you share here more than 90% of your ideas. And yeah, i
believe you don't give a shit about keeping information for yourself.

Regarding your workshops, i'm sure they are useful. I've even thought myself
about taking a workshop from you or Mystery, as you guys remind me a lot of an
old friend who had very similar game, and i'm very curious about it. Really.

I also believe you treat your workshops as a service to the community. You get
money, yeah, but you give a service that i'm sure you consider completely
worthy, and it probably is from any POV.

Probably that's another reason why you don't hoard information. Because you
sell services, not products. And your objective customers target is going to be
the same no matter how much you explain here your thoughts. Anyway, no matter
you reasons, i appreciate the way you interact with others here.

So i'm not saying anything bad about the way you usually contribute in mASF.
More on the contrary. But this time bro, you've made a mistake by not noticing
Badboy's post is juts mere and simple advertisement. Giving he pros for this
shit is not something you (or anyone) should feel specially proud of it.

I hope i've made clear my points now.

>>Yeah Tyler. Maybe you feel
>>like you don't deserve i talk
>Yeah, cause I don't.. :/

Yeah you don't regarding you contribution in mASF. Of course not!. I hope i can
read more from you in the future, as your post are really something interesting
and useful!.

But fuck man!, i consider you an intelligent guy!. Haven't you really noticed
that this Badboy's post was mostly bragging and advertisement???!!!.

If i'm wrong, please let me see how i am fucking wrong!.

One last thing. In the future, please consider my comments as always coming
from someone who appreciates, enjoys and respects your overall contribution.

Best regards.


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