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ASF generations - random semiOT ramblings

mASF post by TylerDurden

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ASF generations - random semiOT ramblings
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mASF post by "TylerDurden"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, November 11, 2003

I was looking at Toecutter posting in a thread below, commenting that the names
on this board meant nothing to him.

For me now, its mostly the same. I was talking with Harmless a while back, and
he was talking about all of this content on the board, and dropped so many
names of guys I couldn't recognize that participate here.

Just looking at the chatboard right now, most of my bros aren't here anymore.
Guys like Commander Zap, Kooper, Spirit, JLaix (not much), Superslicka, Ozwald,
Twentysix, etc etc... And of course my homeboy Eddy/whitedragonPUA. So many
other guys

Franco, JLaix, SteviePUA, and a few other guys are still here a bit, but will
probably fade out soon.

I guess that it goes in cycles.. Something roughly like Gen1 was RJ and crew..
Gen2 was Mystery, Maniac, MRSEX4uNYC, Greg1, Toecutter, Lovedrop, madman775,
AH1, TokyoPUA, Craig, Formhandle, Jetman, Vince, DShade, NL9 etc etc.. Gen3
was Juggler, Style, Maddash, Zan, Candor, Allessandro, Sandstorm, Tunnces.. and
Gen4 was Commander Zap, Spirit, Kooper, Gunwitch, JLaix, Hedge, Coolwater,
Stevie, Franco, Superslicka, and many others..

Of course I've missed some awesome posters in there (probably some I'm even IRL
friends with), and feel like deleting it on that account except I'm sure they
don't really care.

Nowadays we've got frequent posters like IJJJI and others who are posting the
best stuff. I guess that's Gen5.

I noticed that madman775 came back (check the ASF_FAQ for his posts) a few
weeks ago, and posted that he was back. Not a single person replied to it and
nobody replied to his posts. Same with this guy Candor who posted an FR about
getting his GF's to 3some. Nobody knew who he was. I don't really either, I
just read in other guys' archives great feedback to his stuff. Both guys just
came and posted a few posts, and then left again because I guess they wanted to
have threads with their friends, and none of them were here anymore. I wonder
if that would happen if I came back and posted here in a few years. I bet that
someday when I'm totally out of the scene, some kid will try to contact me and
try to see me in action, like what I tried to do with MRSEX4uNYC (of course
nobody can find this guy).. Come to think of it, its pretty cool that you can
actually still seek out guys like Mystery, Juggler, Style, Toecutter, etc etc..
That these guys actually EXIST and you can actually meet them if you're smart
about it.

I think that in some ways its kind of lame that I'm still here after all this
time, and all of my friends from the community have moved on. I know that
Mystery regrets alot of time he spent on ASF, probably in the sense that his
archive is so massive but really from what I recall most of the good content
can be found pretty early on.

Most of the guys retired to the Mystery Lounge, where they post more about
lifestyle and intergrating their PUA life with their daily life, and post more
personal stuff to the guys who they have no privacy issues with.

At the same time, staying in the ASF community can be fun, and alot of the guys
you meet here are really cool.

I wonder how many of the guys who posted like crazy on ASF are happy about the
time they invested into it?

What I'm definetely *not* interested in, is having long year after year
flamewars, like RJ and Mystery, or Ray Gordon and Odious. Actually gunwitch,
let's not have anymore flamewars. We've already made our cases to eachother,
so there's no point. BORING.

I guess that every group of guys contributed to the wealth of knowledge, and
that that knowledge is lapped on top of other knowledge as time goes on. At
the same time, much of the past knowledge has been lost due to the difficulty
of keeping up archives.

It's a shame that there aren't more guys like Maniac_High, that don't post the
best posts from their group of guys. It's a pretty cool site. I think when I
have time I'll make a or something and link it to Jay's main
site, and put up all the best posts that the guys from my group came up with.
Not any time soon though, cause I have so much shit I have to do. I guess
that's why nobody ever does it - too busy.

Anyways, I think I'll post something on state breakers in Advanced. Hmmm,
apparently this hasn't really changed anything.. :)


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