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mASF post by Pheromone

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mASF post by "Pheromone"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, September 9, 2003

On 9/28/03 1:52:00 PM, Moonwalker wrote:
>Hey Pheromone!
>No! i don't love you...i got
>your attention though :)


>>What are you guys "thinking" when you read the advanced part of this
>>1-Nah, ...that just doesn't sound right
>>2-WTF is he talking about?!
>>3-Yes, i can see that
>well.. what we think is:
>You display insights on the
>subject of alphaness and power

I think that power management is the KEY to getting any chick. We're all
human, so there has to be some sort of perfect answer. AND - even if there
isn''s probably good to look at it like this.

>Insights that point in the
>direction that you have
>understanding of what's going
>on, at least on a theoretical
>basis ;) You're only 20yrs
>old, asf 1 yr. Sounds like a
>promising new star, who knows
>a future hero. Keep that up.

NOT being arrogant here, but i think this is true

>On the other hand you sound
>like brag. You created
>interest, but you put yourself
>in the frame of being tested
>and qualified. I hope you
>don't do this when you are
>gaming hb's.

I'm fixing that, but if I'm insightful....why does this matter?

>Well at least it got me and
>some of the bros interested
>your acclaimed skills and the
>way that you developed your
>skills so quickly. I believe
>that the best PUA learn faster
>while making less effort,
>because they rehearse their
>game more efficiently. If what
>you claim is true, you
>probably got platinum learning
>technique and diamond way of
>dealing with mistakes. If you
>could share that with us in a
>way that would make everybody
>go like 'wow this guy is
>incredible', i think that
>would definitely qualify you
>for the mystery lounge ;)

I don't really think this kind of thinking is true - i think that my insight is
FAR enough

Look, the only reason why i want to be in the lounge is so i can read posts
from Rick H....he is MY hero and IMO he is a dictionary of facts - ANYTHING
that leaves his mouth is "platinum". AND - (not to just take) I will continue
to give my insight there as well....besides - i want Rick's advice ;-)

>okay, i'm dissing you, but for
>real: we're seriously
>interested, so elaborate on
>the following:

It didn't sound like sounded like you were accepting, but alright

>Like M and h4 already
>mentioned, it DOES greatly
>matter how you make hb8.5s
>approach you on a regular
>basis, for cunt's sake! Hbs
>approach me in the CLUB, but
>only because they want to try
>to steal my hat, tell me that
>I dance like justin timberlake
>or even just to just tell me
>that I'm weird and ask me who
>de fuck I am. But OUTSIDE the
>club they DON'T approach me,
>only give me AIs. So ... :
>-are you're talking club or


>-do have a good technique to
>make hb8s approach you?

walk by

>-how did YOU manage to develop
>so fast within a year?

90% of my thoughts are about PU...and until i solve this part of my life
(probably within the 1 year mark) i will not stop

>-How good-looking are you?

8...and i don't shave a lot of the time and wear just a t-shirt and
shorts...guess what? I still get results.

>-What was your game at one
>year ago?

I had some good AFC skills (shyness was effective)

>-How much energy do and did
>you spend on the game?

Enough to finish my search in 1 year

>-Were you ever an AFC? or were
>you sort of a natural alpha
>already? alpha in my group, but after i got into this, i realized that i was way
off from what an alpha TRUELY was


If you guys think that i am a promising student of the art...and you also know
that there are less skilled people in the lounge - then "what's the problem?"

If you really ARE from the mystery lounge, then hurry up and let me in - no
regrets ;-)

IMO, i will be DONE with this part of my life before the new year


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