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mASF post by Moonwalker

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mASF post by "Moonwalker"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, September 9, 2003

Hey Pheromone!

No! i don't love you...i got your attention though :)

>What are you guys "thinking" when you read the advanced part of this

>1-Nah, ...that just doesn't sound right
>2-WTF is he talking about?!
>3-Yes, i can see that

well.. what we think is:

You display insights on the subject of alphaness and power management.

Insights that point in the direction that you have understanding of what's
going on, at least on a theoretical basis ;) You're only 20yrs old, asf 1 yr.
Sounds like a promising new star, who knows a future hero. Keep that up.

On the other hand you sound like brag. You created interest, but you put
yourself in the frame of being tested and qualified. I hope you don't do this
when you are gaming hb's.

Well at least it got me and some of the bros interested your acclaimed skills
and the way that you developed your skills so quickly. I believe that the best
PUA learn faster while making less effort, because they rehearse their game
more efficiently. If what you claim is true, you probably got platinum learning
technique and diamond way of dealing with mistakes. If you could share that
with us in a way that would make everybody go like 'wow this guy is
incredible', i think that would definitely qualify you for the mystery lounge

okay, i'm dissing you, but for real: we're seriously interested, so elaborate
on the following:

Like M and h4 already mentioned, it DOES greatly matter how you make hb8.5s
approach you on a regular basis, for cunt's sake! Hbs approach me in the CLUB,
but only because they want to try to steal my hat, tell me that I dance like
justin timberlake or even just to just tell me that I'm weird and ask me who de
fuck I am. But OUTSIDE the club they DON'T approach me, only give me AIs. So
... :

-are you're talking club or street?
-do have a good technique to make hb8s approach you?
-how did YOU manage to develop so fast within a year?
-How good-looking are you?
-What was your game at one year ago?
-How much energy do and did you spend on the game?
-Were you ever an AFC? or were you sort of a natural alpha already?

A weird dutch guy with a hat,
A bunch of slick dance moves,
Some C&P and a lot of NLP...
and you see the people go like: "WHO ... IS this guy?"

Moonwalker ...

Just FEEL the Power

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