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To TD - my love...and some advanced shit

mASF post by Pheromone

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To TD - my love...and some advanced shit
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mASF post by "Pheromone"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, September 9, 2003

No! i don't love you...i got your attention though

Anyways, i'm ready to take my game to the next level and i'd like to join the
mystery lounge

Please glimpse over my posts on "affirmations" and my replys to "2 ways to

Right now, 8.5s approach me on a regular basis - and i get AIs from who knows
how many HBs and my teachers

Point being - i'm definitely willing to contribute & at the same time, i'm
looking to better myself even quicker - I'm 20, go to AU and i started this
last december (less than a year)
Now that the "amazing" bio is out of the way - here's some advanced shit to
think about


in order to attract, you need a perceived higher value

in order to have higher value, you need some level of dominance (after all -
being alpha means being dominant. IMO, it also means that you have more
attractive traits than less attractive ones)

in order to have dominance, you need some level of control
(control being - following "your way"...IMO, the fastest way is to use
punishments and rewards - more punishments than rewards though, b/c just
talking to her (or letting her hold your attention) is a reward. The best
punishments are physical ones - not abusive, but something to let her know that
"you WON'T take her shit"

What i mean when i say "some level of" is this: You need more than less

SO what does this mean: Show control, and she will feel some level of
attraction to you.

New topic ---> keep up!

this is about the elusive obvious / social dynamics - or whatever you wanna
call it


The more you become attractive, the more that people who you "aknowledge" that
you like will want to be around you. READ that again and pay attention to the
"more" part.

so, take the opposite ---> The more you become attractive (attractive being
anything raising your value) the more people that you "aknowledge" that you
DON'T like will blow themselves out of your circle.

an ex-
Say you are chilling and someone comes by and places an item next to you. If
you use the item or do anything in a way to tell that person that you like it,
then they will believe that they are accepted by you.

[oh, just came up with this - if you remain neutral, they will feel a small
level of acceptance.]

ex-If you leave the item alone, they will remain by you for awhile....i'm not
sure if they are waiting for your reaction of acceptance......but the point is,
that a small level of acceptance will be felt.

If you push the item away, or move it away from you (some kind of rejection
manner) - this is a rejection...and they will blow themselves out of the circle

"rejection" meaning not showing acceptance

Even alphas look for acceptance...most people in the world are looking for a

[i like to look at it like this - the "uber male" is the top alpha male...he's
always trying to better himself b/c he doesn't think that he has achieved this
status yet. So, point being - the uber male does not act different than the
alpha male....he's just an alpha that is constantly improving himself - and
this CONSTANT improvement is his REAL secret to success]

and you can apply this to many aspects

ALSO, the more your belief system says that you are accepting, the more people
will try to "get" your acceptance.....of course depending on how attractive you

i think all of us know where the other persons' value is at - on a subconsious
level...and the more you become attuned to that and pay attention to the body
language, you will know the exact moment you should qualify her/them.

That outta the way -
I GOTTA do this report for school


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