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Field Report: World Tour (Part 1) - London Seminar/Workshop

mASF post by Duke Kaiark

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Field Report: World Tour (Part 1) - London Seminar/Workshop
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mASF post by "Duke Kaiark"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, September 9, 2003


I'm currently travelling around the world from Melbourne Australia, on a 5 week
mission to have fun, hang out with guys from 'the community' and improve my


1. London - Papa & TylerDurden's seminar/workshop
2. London - One on One workshop with TylerDurden
3. Montreal - Cliff & David X
4. New York - Mark Cunningham's Seduction Seminar & NY Lair
5. Los Angeles - Mystery workshop & LA Lair
6. Sydney - John Grinder's Master Practitioner NLP and Sydney Community.



The night before the seminar and workshop I met up with Igor (a cool dude who
should be in this lounge) and Badboy in Kingston, London. Igor left after a bit
to pick up TD from the airport and I spent the next 4 hours talking with
Badboy. Badboy has an intricate understanding of the game and his life views
are just as deep. We had a lot of laughs and he blew me away with his latest
truly evil BF destroyer (just posted) and many other clever ideas on how to
project being Alpha. The thing about badboy that became very apparent to me is
that his image is just a tool to give him the necessary value to the 9's and
10's so that he could connect with them on a powerful emotional level. His
favourite 'date' is to grab a blanket and a telescope and take a girl up into
the mountains to look at the stars together. Women have no defence against this
and why would they want to anyway? I guarantee you this, if you have the time
to spend a week with Badboy on his one on one workshop, your game will improve
massively and he'll no doubt give you a different view of the world. It's
pretty clear that Badboy is the number one PUA in Europe atm.

Seminar/Workshop Day 1

We all met up at 3 pm for the First Day, in what would turn out to be a 14 hour
marathon. Papa, TylerDurden, Sickboy007 and Badboy were the instructors. 4
other loungers were present too. Commander Zap, Stripped, GetSome, and myself.
The rest were made up of London Lair members and others.

TD ran the seminar with input from Papa and Badboy. The first hour or so was
TD's take on "Inner Game»" and that you could work on this in your own time, but
he was here to teach outer game. The first day centered on how to project
yourself by not telegraphing interest and therefore developing Trust with
women. Bodylanguage and Voice Tone were discussed and demonstrated at length.
TD then listed and demonstrated what he calls "your raw attraction fuel". I
made a list and alphabetisied it for easy recall.

A - Adventures (future)
B - Busting Mannerisms
C - Cold Reads
D - Disqualifiers (false)
E - Emotional Stories
F - False Time Constraints
G - Gimmicks

O - Outrageous Kino
P - Push/Pull
Q - Qualifying and Challenging
R - Roleplaying
S - Shocked Misinterpretation
T - Talk (pimp, daddy etc)

With practice you have HOURS of attraction fuel here. What TD wanted the
students to practice was 5 Neutral Opinion Openers and then start bombarding
the targets with attract tactics. The reason why TD uses neutral opinion
openers (apart from not conveying interest) is to immediately callibrate the
set's response on whether you try to break rapport (neg bitch shield etc),
remain neutral or try and get rapport. The positioning of your
body/shoulders/feet and head are crucial. His attention to detail was amazing.

We left for a group meal at 10pm and met up with those who ate independantly at
11.30 in Leicester Square. At the meal I had a laugh discussing tactics and
game with Sickboy and Papa, even though all three of us were heavily jet
lagged. Red bull would be our friend tonight.

The workshop was divided into 4 groups. I spent most of the night in Leicester
Square opening sets with TD's indirect methods. I was getting something near
75% success rate at stopping sets. The fascinating thing was to watch some of
the other students who were not applying what had just been taught and getting
completly blown out of the water. The evidence was before my eyes, in areas
where women are being hit on regularily, conveying disinterest is your very
best tactic. In the surrounding bars i again put the indirect approach into
action with 100% success at opening the set. I quickly realised I still had my
previous tendancy to centre on one girl within the set because of the loud
music. This is clearly a mistake though I didn't 'lose' any sets.

Leicester Square has to be the most intimidating place for PU in the world. A
group of girls crossing it can expect to be hit on a minimum of half a dozen
times. It's crazy. What's even more amazing that even mixed sets where the
girls are clearly with boyfriends get hit on too. You can be sure that the
Leicester Square naturals will be into any set that you stop within minutes and
often seconds.

At 3.30pm we all met up for a debrief with Papa and Badboy. TD had been rolling
in a club 'One on One' opening groups and isolating. Him and Sickboy then PU'd
these hotties in the Square off a couple of guys and paraded them before the
students, many of whom had their mouths wide open in amazement. They
disappeared off with their conquests to comfort build and then claim their

I got a taxi ride home with Papa and Igor at 4.30pm. Papa explained the comfort
building tactics he had been devising during the night (see his post). I felt
that my model of PU had already been significantly altered.

Seminar/Workshop Day 2

This was the most amazing day in my opinion. What was presented by TD at the
seminar was very advanced and I am quite sure went over the heads of some of
the students. I don't believe there is a PUA in the world who wouldn't have
learnt a great deal in that room. TD's model will cause controversy but I knew
how right his take on group female psychology is. So many lights went off in my
head. I spent 8 years running a nightclub and all the crazy behaviours and
situations I witnessed were explained during the day. It would take me pages
and pages of text just to explain a small part of what he presented. I will
write more on this when I write up my 1 on 1 workshop with him.

TD explained the hierachy of PU.


The tasks for the workshop built on the first day with everyone expected to
move from opening/attraction to setting correct value, comfort-building and
closing. After a meal we hit the Square again. If friday nights in the Square
are mad then Saturday nights are quite unbelievable. Walking with girls there
is like driving an armoured car down a sniper infested alley. Saturday night in
Leicester Square IS the PICK-UP OLYMPICS, and you keep your gold medal only as
long as you can hold onto a set. This is the true training ground.

We opened sets for an hour then moved to Club 'One on One'. There we all ran
amok. One particular set remains vivid in my memory as definate new game

I opened a three set (Hb 6, 7 and 9) with 'Do women lie more than men'. Almost
immediately two guys busted in and then a further two guys who the girls knew
entered. I decided to cut-off the AMOGs and befriend the guys who the girls
knew. They were quickly into me and started to social proof me to the women. I
was very laidback, mild C&F. After a few minutes I engaged HB6 in some repartee
after the other guys had been blown out. The guys they knew decided to head off
and vigourously shook my hand. At this point HB 9 comes and puts her arm round
my neck and starts trying to engage me one on one, I didn't touch her back and
talked to the girls as a group instead. This tweaked her massively especially
as I got her friends giggling loads with attract tactics. HB 9 (swedish)
started qualifying herself to me and then said "you have to talk to me to get
to know me!". I turned towards her slightly and she started opening up with
your cool, your not like the others, I like you, etc etc. Then she tried to
drag me to a chair where she clearly had decided on me, she wanted rapport,
infact when I was C&F I got a negative reaction. I comfort built for a few
minutes and then suggested a venue change as the nightclub was going to close
soon. She wanted too but had a friend staying with her. She kept saying "I'm
not a tart" but would I meet her tomorrow etc. Eventually i agreed and she
wrote her number down on my cloakroom ticket.

What really surprised me was the speed she started qualifying herself to me and
asking questions like what was it about her that i like. There is no way I
would have got this sort of response from a difficult set in a club before this
seminar/workshop and TD's advanced group theory.

I did a couple of other sets and then we all headed back to Leicester Square
but not before I witnessed TD's social proofing tactics and playing one hottie
off another. He had isolated this blond 9 and had her well and truly besotted.
She was writing her number very quickly after another 9 turned up, looked upset
and hurried away. Masterful.

We headed back to Leicester Square at 3 am. For the next hour or so I witnessed
the most amazing performances from TD and Sickboy007 with them picking women
off other players. It was hilarious, one particular set involved a guy who was
6ft 5 and built like a brick shithouse. He tried everything to throw them off
"his women". Even to the point of walking around and putting his arms around TD
and Sickboy while they were ignoring him and gaming the girls. TD told him
"Hands off dude.. the gay club is over there man" Eventually he left, agitated
as hell, saying "Have 'em there yours" and then stood a few yards away with
steam coming out of his ears. He then stormed off with his wing. TD pointed out
later that if they had responded by saying "Okay" they would have got blown out
by the women. Another set was just pure comedy as TD gamed 4 women at once
(they were running around giggling, their circuits being fried) while Sickboy
blocked the dude who was with them with a stream of linear logical questioning.
The set was then hit repeatedly by other AMOGs. TD and Sickboy were beating
them off with ease. At one point it got ridiculous and Badboy stepped in to
help fend off the AMOGs.

My map of what was possible in Pick Up had been shattered and I have spent more
of my life in Nightclubs than almost anyone in the scene. I got a cab back with
Igor, Sickboy and Papa. Papa and Sickboy were still madly pumped from all the
"out-alpha" tactics, both had been applying most of the night which they then
dissected. A great taxi ride home.

Seminar/Workshop Day 3

The Seminar started early with Badboy working on some of the students, voice
tone, posture and how to enter sets. TD then kicked off with the previous
nights work and a lengthy discussion on out-Alpha AMOG tactics. This was
cutting edge stuff. Amazing that he had analysed the previous night so
thoroughly and had already added a number of ideas on mixed set methodology.
More discussion ensued on Comfort building, how to tell an emotional story and
personality conveyence. Specific tactics were gone over to avoid or counter
LMR. Peacocking was also explained in detail and TD highlighted areas that each
student's dress could be improved on. TD then did a complete step by step
overview of how to accomplish a 4-7 hour sarge from group cold approach to
target F close.

After our final group meal, we hit Leicester Square again for a few sets before
heading into a nightclub. TD and Sickboy corrected me during mid-sarge
(something that is wierd but cool). My hands would be moved, body turned,
suggestions made. Talk about overload! The women didn't seem to notice/care
though. One interesting pattern of note was that if I got a woman to buy me a
drink (dam easy by telegraphing no interest and then busting them with the
lying game) they insisted that it was alcoholic, refusing point blank to get me
a soda. TD said he found the same phenomenon. (Unconsciously trying to shut
your game down?)

Our final destination was "Sound", a black club on a Sunday, where the first
white girl I approached cut me off with "I'm into black fellas" and turned her
back LOL. We all had definate 'value' problems here. Even with this against
him, TD happily gamed up a 3 set at the bar, having them giggle their asses
off, grabbing him, his dick etc. One of the girl's boyfriend was a bouncer, who
came over very unimpressed. She told him to get lost! He stood by me for a
minute grinding his teeth, he was fucking furious and then stormed off, giving
the group evil looks. One of the more amusing recollections was me opening a
set with the David Bowie opener only to have another student bowl into the same
set with the same opener. Talk about being blown out.

TD debriefed the group at the end in Leicester Square and gave the students
advice on how to progress with what they had learned. I got a taxi back with TD
and Papa. We were all exhausted. TD's voice had all but gone.

A final summation on the Seminar/Workshop. You get approximately 40 hours
contact time with some of the world's best PUA's for $600. That's chickenfeed
IMO. You could trawl through ASF for the rest of your life and your game would
never get a model to work from like you get from this Seminar/Workshop.

I had a fantastic time. As usual the guys from the Lounge were all very cool.
Next world trip :), I'll have to increase my itinery so I can stop in Moscow to
hang with Zap, and Amsterdam to hang with Stripped.

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2003 by "Duke Kaiark" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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