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mASF post by Shark_attack

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mASF post by "Shark_attack"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, September 9, 2003

You see I need help fast guys!!, there is this one... super special... hot girl
that I have wonderful deep feelings for and she's.... the only one for you didn't I:)

Hello mAsf, my name is Shark. I've been in the p.u. comunity for one year as a
member of The Mystery Lounge, which is a great place to be with many great
puas. Long before that I used to approach a lot. It was crash&burn approaching
ewerywhere I could. I got shot down many times and I won some times, and then
one day I acidentaly ran into this site..then pair...then mys.lounge. I already
had developed a lot of my style before seeing anything else so now I play my
game....but that is not the theme....the dancefloor:


When I come to the disco I approach girls that are in sets and not dancing
(cause of obvious reasons...) but if the best hb is on the dancefllor you have
to apprach . Music is very important. I ve noticed that it has a big effect on
female mind. Do you know how a song sometimes gives you a lot of good feelings
its the same for a girl but amplified. You will always choose the disco with
such music if you re aiming for dancefloor pu, i no nothing about music but
theme from Dirty Dancing is a good example of such an emotional song.
Now the girl is in good mood probably fantasizing about her drem love and then
you approach.
The best opener for me is when a girl looks at me and I go straight to her and
comment on that. It s good since that is a total frame-reversal because she is
dancing there and enjoying all the guys staring at her beautiful body and then,
suddenly, somebody says in a humorous way: If you look at me you can also talk
to me! Or when you look at me like that I ll let you talk to me. Probably
everyone will look at you with amezment and fear but now you ve got 100%
attention of target and you must not spoil it by visually asking permission
from somebody. No stupid permissions you are the king. Now, after that just
grab her hands dont wait for an approval like a wimp.
If she doesnt look at you just go to her with a funny comment and say it in her
Usually girls are dancing in sets. If it is a two set use this
SHARK-EXPRESS-BEFRIENDING: blatantly introduce yourself to the obstacle...she
will be surprised and since she has no konfidence she ll imeadiately call in hb
for just give CB a funny look like you re suprized and dissapointed
and continue talking with HB, very simple and effective and it works great. If
she is confident and doesnt call her friend just befriend her and move to the
Remember they are all a bit entranced from the music so you dont have to spend
a lot of time on befriending.
If it is a large set use some MM but in a very simple way you just have to
smile a lot. Eventually you get to the target and then catch her attention by
saying funny things in her ear.
Usually you dance a bit with the target but dont make AFC mistake of trying to
impress her even if you are John Travolta. You are dancing just to keep her
good mood and that she can tell herself:we are just dancing....
You must tuch her from the beginning you must not be afraid of that, she doesnt
want a guy who is afraid of touch.
Lead her to a place where she still feels good but where the music is not to
loud. During the conversation she ll say that she has to see where her friends
are-make her comfortable immediately if she doesnt do that you are doing good.
Now you start convo. Its the same as in other pu situations with an added big
advantage that you have both hands on her. She is already feeling good, she is
feeling safe because people are around youre just slightly moving, remember you
are the man you dictate the slow movement and convo. In that state it will be
easy, especially for some of you guys, to get her end values and to seduce her.
For me that and emotional convo in general are the most difficult parts and Im
working to improve that. Now you feed her her end values and its over you ve
won. You can talk for more than an hour like that if you are good......
Your touch and her staring directly at you will ankor all the good things you
say. Dont make a mistake of dragging her too soon because she will lose a lot
of state when she comes of the dancefloor and you may mot be able to close her.
Try to resist the temptation of kissing her on the dancefloor thats not good
because she feels like a slut, her friends see that, you become a player and so
If you sense she is really horny take her hand and drag her somewhere and
proceed with any kiss close.
Big diffrence from usual pu is that she is already in good state so dont put
her down by taking out a pen and a paper, by talking some complicated stuff,
blend into her state.
Sometimes a music is too loud for the plan above then I use the same opener and
take her hand and tell her to come where you can talk. If you were funny and
fearless she will come but will give you a very short time to start amusing her
and you have to have some great stuff because her coming and talking to you is
against all the society rules. You can chosse to do dancefloor *close which I
explain later. If nothing above works dont stay on dancefloor because eweryone
will see you standing and dont dance cause you didnt come to dance.
When you talk with her always hald one hand or rest your hand 10 cm below
breast on her side(dont know that body part name?) one of the good effects of
that is that all cockblocks will be discouraged a lot. If they come befriend
the girls, and destroy the guys with Badboy AMOG.
Sometimes she makes some excuse that she must leave the dancefloor so you just
go with her but keep holding her hand that gives you unimaginable power over
othervise dangerous cokblocks. You did not befriend anybody in the begining so
its good to have a wing who will literary intercept the cockblocks and
preferably somebody who looks mean so all the cockblocks will fear him(he,he..)
Sometimes cockblocks will manage to pull her away but if you were good you will
see her in a few minutes wandering alone on the dancefloor. Materializing out
of nowhere. If you ask her who is she looking for she ll say her friends so
dont! Actually she is waiting to be stopped by you because her subconcious is
telling her what a great guy she met so stop her and proceed the pu. If this
happens its a sign that you can move faster to *close.
I dont recomend *close on dancefloor especially if her friends are near but if
you cant do what I explained above do it:
With kino one thing must lead to another(you are smiling and happy face all the
you take the hands and dance like that....then you glide the hands on the sides
of her body many times...say something funny now and then...then rest hands on
get closer and put your leg between hers...go to the floor like that and then
up a few times....if no cockblock its your lucky not turn her around
shes looking at you and is at least intrigued but is probably very
AROUSED...Now just tuch her forehead with yours the breath will arouse her
more...kiss her-if she resists do caveman. When you begin to get tired of
making out hold her, she is even more tired because of dancing....Hold her and
make out with her until you COLLAPSE, that is important since all the cokblocks
and guardians which you did not take care of will be discouraged and go away.
She must be aroused to make out with you if youve only exchanged a few
sentences by dancing in that way she is getting aroused and telling herself:hey
we are just dancing.......
Dont turn the girl around-she ll lose state, dont touch her breasts or ass
before the kiss, proceed from light innocent touches to not so innocent. Also
ask about local costums when you travel cause a girl can turn around and expect
you grab her ass but you interpret it as she is ignoring you.
Warning danger: somewhere I read that dancefloor is kino, if you have good kino
youll lay all the chicks, that some guys are born kinoers. wrong I say! Stuff
like that slowed down my progress. First comes the attitude that you can touch
easily an unknown hot women and you know she likes your touch and project that.
Only after that you naturally get good kino, if you are afraid and try to
memorize all the kino moves and do them it will get you nowhere. On dancefloor
situations guys who have the right attitude win not the guys with great kino.
Ive noticed that some good puas that are otherwise super-confident with girls
say that they dont have good kino. I guess that its because they cant use
routines so they lose their confidence.

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