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Re: active disinterest opener

mASF post by croBadboy

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Re: active disinterest opener
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mASF post by "croBadboy"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, September 9, 2003

<Chaco> wrote in message news:[email protected]...
> I like this a lot! It's similar in spirit to what I was experimenting
> last week, when I would ask girls "so what kind of guy are you looking for
> tonight, you like that tall guy over there?" Like I was communicating I
> not interested in sarging them. However, I like this better because it
sets up
> more of a competition between the girl you open and the girl you are
> you want to approach. I will try this tonight.
> I do wonder if any chicks ever look at you like you must not be good with
> if you need to ask.

No, it does'nt happens at all. cause they enjoy my time. Its contrast,
cause she can smell from my bodylanguage & attitude that I am GOOD with
girls, and again I asked her a question...

I realized after few months doing this opener, then they enjoy to see how PU
looks like from man perspective. So I ask them opener, and then we discuss
tactic, and I go and open that NEW set, entertain them 1-3minutes, and when
girls start to show me IOIs, I I come back to Hb and asks me...
WTF..?? what happened, why you ejected ??
Me:"ughh...she had too big tits" :)) / " I don't like her "

This will give you BIG social proof and big + in her EYES(they LOVE ME when
I say this)
Cause they never meet a guy who is not just going for HOT bodies.

> Like wouldn't a stud know how to open a girl? Have you
> ever gotten any response like that?

can you imagine, that almost 2 years since I posted this opener to Mystery
, nobody ever got that response. My wing Shark is using this opener as
default opener, and he got fucking good results with it!!!


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