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Why You Can Do This

mASF post by Zooose

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Why You Can Do This
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mASF post by "Zooose"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Guys, stick with this game. When I started, all I could do was walk up to girls
in public and ask for the time. My heart pounded out of my chest just doing

I now have three FBs. Today, my wing and I hit the beach in our Southern
California town and approached only two sets. The first, we chatted and
number-closed, but left because they weren’t that hot. The second, we gamed and
pulled back to his house, where we chatted, danced, drank, and had a great
afternoon. No sex, but solid numbers and a ton of fun.

Who knew it was possible to roll up on tan, bikini-clad honeys ten years
younger than you and pull them off the beach for a private party? On the first
freaking try. I mean, is this shit for real?

It is. And my only piece of advice for everyone (and myself): Just keep at it.
Stay in field, keep studying, keep practicing. You’ll want to quit forever,
dozens of times. But you won’t. In fact, you don’t need my advice, or anyone’s.
You’re already on the path!

Shout out to Real Social Dynamics and Mystery Method», both of whom helped me

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